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  1. I have the same problem. Who can help? Thank you MisterX grab the setup.exe file posted earlier and rename ur config.xml to custom.xml and place it along with the setup.exe in cd root...and then just launch the setup.exe file
  2. got it to work with the custom.exe file attached previously thank you!
  3. hey thanks for the reply, it seemed i had a syntax error it works ok now but i still do get a screen similiar to the user above (annita) I get only the install screen. my config xml looks like this please advise
  4. I keep receiving one of those report error to microsoft messages when WPI tried to launch the setup.exe I have an enterprise edition from MSDN. I am trying this over a vmware virtual session, has anyone else gotten the same error? Do i need to install anything before hand maybe? .net framework? thanks alot