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  1. I've observed many customized windows 7 edition with changed date in the screen placed below but I don't know the way to edit it. Any help would highly be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. thanx James for ur response. I know this could be done also through Kel's User Accounts 2 on installed xp. but i want this thing enabled in my unattended xp cd
  3. i've used nlite to make unattended xp, everything is working fine. i'm trying to assign a password to users through user accounts which is also accepting it. but when i m restarting the computer, xp is loading without asking for any password or user selection. any solutions pls.
  4. I'm Shehek Baloch from Quetta Pakistan, m a novice in computer's field, trying to learn through this forum, specially that unattended section has really helped me