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  1. hey guys. my drive crashed again. i'm tryin the CA-42 method this time, but i can't find and drivers for it that work for XP64. i tried those prolific ones, no dice. anybody got a CA-42 driver that works for XP64?
  2. whoohoo! ok i rummaged around and found a sata power adapter from another old mobo i had. like this one. just powered up and am currently spinning down the motor. cross you fingers ladies. brb. IT WORKED!!! ALL MY DATA IS RIGHT THERE!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ALL!!! YYYESS!!!
  3. i get this too, havent been able to fix just to see what happened, i pulled the card from under the pcb. the hdd startin sendind data to hyperterminal. this is what is said. LED:000000CC FAddr:0024CDC5 Rst 0x20M (P) SATA Reset it repeats this every 5-6 seconds accompanied by the hdd spinning up and down. am i on the right track? also, i plugged the + and - from the adapter into the red and black from a molex cable. is that ok?
  4. old tip. been doin this for years. works 98% of the time. in my experience, the rougher the paste, the better.