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  1. Maximus Decim Native USB ver.3.1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *Native (without installation of additional drivers for each type) support USB flash drives, digital photo and videocameras and other similar devices. *Universal Stack USB 2.0 (without installation of additional drivers for each chipsets) with uninstall. 1.Remove ALL drivers USB flash drives. 2.Remove ALL drivers USB 2.0 controllers. 3.Remove ALL unknown devices. 4.Install NUSB 3.1 and reboot. 5.After detection new USB 2.0 controllers (if it will occur) too it is necessary to be reboot. Remember! You install it at own risk! Instructions say to uninstall current usb drivers. I have a Jumpdrive Trio that is working just fine under win98 (takes SMS, SD, XD), and one of those frustrating valgear GXT usb keys (GXT-64MB-PD to be exact) that won't work in win98. Does this mean I have to rip out my good trio drivers, or can I just supplement them with the NUSB install? Thanks