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  1. Oh well, I'll se how it goes for next months. Hopefully you're right. Thanks for the comments.
  2. Well, it didn't sound much like an example. It seemed like standard low usage for a few hours a day. Anyway, amen.
  3. I'm using it for work, games and everything else. I use it all day and keep it on a lot, so I can't compare its stability with basically an idle pc (if I understood it correctly). Anyway I still appreciate the replies, so thanks.
  4. Wait, do you mean you're using it mostly to see reminders? O_o I guess it's not exactly useful for a comparison with my pc then. I'm not one of those that reinstalls at the minimum problem and I try to fix errors when possible. I'm not exactly a noob either. 5 restores (not reinstalls) in a year aren't even that bad, but.. I expected a better performance than Xp.
  5. Weird. How long since the last install then? Is it your main machine? Do you keep it on more than 1 day? (also, did you mean Win7 x64 like your profile says?)
  6. Dear anime friend, I thank you for the reply, but.. I didn't mention Vista, because it was worse than both Win XP and 7 Win7 isn't slow anymore on new PCs, but I'm simply baffled by how often it seems to corrupt without apparent reason. Maybe it's just a Windows intrinsic problem, as these cases aren't so rare even with new versions. I recently saw it on a Win8.1: new laptop kept offline, no usb sticks, no new installations, no hw errors, and occasionally used only for Libreoffice.. system suddenly messed up.. how!? And Win10? Thanks for the "hidden" fast startup (silly) feature, it ends up staying on for weeks, until it starts behaving really crazy. (and this is only one of its problems)
  7. Win7 SP1 isn't bad and I certainly prefer it to Win8-10, but.. it overall less stable than WinXP SP3 or what? I have it on a new pc since a year (yeah..) and it's like the 5th time I had to restore the system to a previous SR point, because of some sudden weird problem (sadly, only Sfc and no Dism for it). The old XP ran on a single poor hdd, in furnace-case with crappy hardware, with only 1.5Gb RAM, with hundreds of programs & s**t and still managed to last years without issues. My hardware seems good, so.. WTF? P.s: Win8-10 aren't certainly immune from such errors, but I haven't tested them as much as the others (and won't).
  8. Woa! I don't like Win10, but.. a full reinstallation has never been so easy! (I was able to chose option B)
  9. Yeah, I usually prefer to fix errors, than to reinstall everything, but I don't have much choice here. Btw, the guy now wants the apps, so I'm probably stuck to option A. Thanks.
  10. Uh, that wasn't very helpful.. Anyway, now the owner probably wants the default apps -_-'
  11. Hi, I've decided to reinstall Windows on a 4years old laptop, because it's showing weird errors (basically Start Menu, Settings, and Apps don't run anymore). What's better: A- restore it to factory settings (so Win8 + apps) and redo all the infinite upgrades. B- reinstall just Win10. I'm thinking about B, do you agree? Are there some drawbacks? (except for Win10 itself, but the owner likes it) Anything I should be careful about? (other that the backup and maybe system img)
  12. I was half-wrong about the settings: some are saved, but others not. Or, more exactly, they're all saved to the "user.xml" file, but then some get overwritten with the defaults on next program start. So, I edited the "default.xml" file with my button settings and.. now some are remembered (e.g: Office) Unfortunately, the behaviour in Windows Explorer is still weird. It's incredible that such bug for Win7 still exists!
  13. Wha.. I thought that I fixed the issue for good, but it's back again! WTF
  14. Thank you for the replies, I'll check the setting next time. Btw, Win10 applied that Tablet Mode automatically after the upgrade..
  15. This Asus laptop is not mine, but it has a strange UI. Is this Desktop type normal for Win10? All programs are basically hidden, and I can only use\add apps. Same for the application bar and the Start Menu. Some common links have also been moved in a submenu accessible from an icon at the top. Also, sometimes, due to various errors, a normal desktop appears instead of this O_o WTF?