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  1. Woa! I don't like Win10, but.. a full reinstallation has never been so easy! (I was able to chose option B)
  2. Yeah, I usually prefer to fix errors, than to reinstall everything, but I don't have much choice here. Btw, the guy now wants the apps, so I'm probably stuck to option A. Thanks.
  3. Uh, that wasn't very helpful.. Anyway, now the owner probably wants the default apps -_-'
  4. Hi, I've decided to reinstall Windows on a 4years old laptop, because it's showing weird errors (basically Start Menu, Settings, and Apps don't run anymore). What's better: A- restore it to factory settings (so Win8 + apps) and redo all the infinite upgrades. B- reinstall just Win10. I'm thinking about B, do you agree? Are there some drawbacks? (except for Win10 itself, but the owner likes it) Anything I should be careful about? (other that the backup and maybe system img)
  5. I was half-wrong about the settings: some are saved, but others not. Or, more exactly, they're all saved to the "user.xml" file, but then some get overwritten with the defaults on next program start. So, I edited the "default.xml" file with my button settings and.. now some are remembered (e.g: Office) Unfortunately, the behaviour in Windows Explorer is still weird. It's incredible that such bug for Win7 still exists!
  6. Wha.. I thought that I fixed the issue for good, but it's back again! WTF
  7. Thank you for the replies, I'll check the setting next time. Btw, Win10 applied that Tablet Mode automatically after the upgrade..
  8. This Asus laptop is not mine, but it has a strange UI. Is this Desktop type normal for Win10? All programs are basically hidden, and I can only use\add apps. Same for the application bar and the Start Menu. Some common links have also been moved in a submenu accessible from an icon at the top. Also, sometimes, due to various errors, a normal desktop appears instead of this O_o WTF?
  9. Never 10, the new scifi book by Steve Gibson.
  10. I've managed to solve the issue with a trick. I've added "Explorer.exe" to the Application-specific settings.
  11. Unfortunately, those issues seem different from my problem. I should have added more details. In summary: - Logitech config is saved correctly (speed, buttons, etc). - the extra buttons work in most programs (not all, alas). - the extra buttons don't always work in explorer as I explained. I can understand partial program compatibility, but.. explorer? Anyway, I'll check that forum too. Thanks
  12. Model M510 and the last SetPoint version. Windows 7 is Pro and 64 bit. Btw, the custom functions actually work at first, but get overridden whenever there's a folder "history" in explorer (so, immediately after changing dir in the same window).
  13. So, there's no native way to change them? I've already installed the Logitech program, but these buttons get overridden in explorer :\
  14. On WinXP I've always used the additional buttons on my mouse to copy\paste text, but on Win7 they seem tied to back\forward in explorer (I don't mean IE). Is it possible to disable\change such behaviour? -- Another thing: is the F12 key reserved for something? I cannot use it anymore in some programs that capture screenshots. -- Btw, some people told me that Ctrl + Printscreen should automatically create different files. Is that true? Where are they saved?
  15. He said long path, not just the filename. Check that too. Btw, I've never encountered such problem in Win7, and I use various subfolders and some long names O_o