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  1. i found an problem in the ul KB905866 has url and it should be Microsoft has deleted the augest version and replaced it with September i Went a head and updated it
  2. Well i made one, yesterday only 18 updates, from 2007-08 but maybe this will suite you Maybe i'll add more, older updates later. Thank you for th help sure can you please add some more updates when you have some free time thank you again
  3. thank you for the updates
  4. i know its a little late but thanks for a updated version of the xp x64 ul
  5. a feature to detect if an update is already in the downloaded folder and lets you know so you dont have to re-download the already downloaded updates
  6. thank you to all those whole helped with this ul
  7. a 64 bit version would be nice for people on 64 bit platforms
  8. can any one help me out please i need a 64 bit Windows Vista (WUD) thank you djurban
  9. ive looked everywhere and cant find and ul for office 2007