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  1. Could we run this in an automatic way making it OOBE.cmd and put it in sources\$oem$\$$\Setup\Scripts\OOBE.cmd ? Or Is there another way? alacran
  2. @ R4D3 Swiftsearch: It is a single .exe file, you can use it in WinPE too. Hope you enjoy it. alacran
  3. Nice effort Wonko but MS explanation in plain words do not say anything clear, so as this is the actual style for subjects involving Telemetry and privacy violation, I will assume this is something related to privacy violation. It looks it was written by Cantinflas, in my country we have a verb for this cantinflear (basically say a lot of words and no neaning). alacran
  4. Have any of you detected this? Source: EDIT: This is from a post made in Jul 30, 2016. But it is the first time I read about this. alacran
  5. This tool is a batch file and some *.inf files, you can open and read all of them using notepad, I did that and didn't see any evidece of malware (not a single link to a page to download something). About explorer and search, no problem don't miss them, I use ClassicShell and also swiftsearch, fastest seach tool in earth, and do not need an index as MS search, only down side is it is only good for NTFS, do not work in FAT 12/16/32, exFAT. alacran
  6. Windows 10 Lite (Better Privacy): Download v7.2: Just tested and removed all Apps, Cortana, One Drive and Edge, also applied Black Viper's Windows 10 Service Configuration 'Safe' during install and manually deselected all MS Telemetry options, booted fine, no problem, latter ran O&O ShutUp10 v1.5.1389 (2017.04.11): From v7.2 Readme file: To easily find WinLite10 folder I put it in \sources\$oem$\$1\WinLite10 on my USB, and when pressing shift+F10 during install just found it on C:\WinLite10 alacran
  7. Same here, but mine was x64 Pro fresh install and I removed almost all Apps and applyed O&O ShutUp10 v1.5.1389 Builded on 2017.04.11 alacran
  8. I'm going to make a new install, try againg your batch and let you know. alacran
  9. Both updates will prevent your operating system from downloading and installing updates if you have one of the following CPUs: Intel seventh (7th)-generation processors (Kaby Lake) or later AMD "Bristol Ridge" (Seventh generation) or newer Qualcomm "8996" alacran
  10. ttp:// Both updates will prevent your operating system from downloading and installing updates if you have one of the following CPUs: Intel seventh (7th)-generation processors (Kaby Lake) or later AMD "Bristol Ridge" (Seventh generation) or newer Qualcomm "8996" alacran
  11. Yes i did.
  12. @ NoelC Reporting back: No antivirus, Windows Defender and UAC disabled, I expanded the dowload on a folder on C:\, added SQLite3.exe and SetACL.exe (x64) to same folder, then selected Windows10ReTweaker.bat and ran it as admin (even having UAC disabled), selecting all options: Services and task were disabled, But no App, Cortana or Edge were uninstalled. Ran it a second time after a reboot, same result. There were some things I noticed: SetACL.exe is not a known command, and also path to Apps was not found. My installed OS is Win 10 x64 Pro es-MX 1703 Build 15063, the very last Creators update RTM or equivalent, just downloaded and fresh installed from ISO (not updating a previous OS). alacran
  13. I read all the thread in that link but didn't find an answer for this two questions: My OS is x64, SQLite3.exe is only x86 so no dilemma, but SetACL.exe has x64 and x86 versions, I should use x64, Is this right? Also my local Network is wireless, I commeted out (::) in script all related to WlanSvc in order to don't loose wireless connection, Is that enough? Best Regards alacran
  14. @ JFX Attached is last spanish translation updated to WinNTSetup alacran 2058.7z
  15. @ JFX First once agay THANKS for this marvelous tool. I'll never get tired of saying it. Sorry to boder you, if you don't mind I have some questions: 1- Top Left corner menu from the little icon: If I run your tool in a lite WinPE I made, can't see this icon (but I can see BootIce icon on Right corner), maybe it is a lack of a dependancy (Everything else is working very fine). Is there another way to open it?, A funtion key perhaps? Or any info about depencies? 2 - If I make a WinPE from lets say en-US souce, then run from it WinNTSetup as language selection is automatic, it runs in english. Is there a way to force language selection?, maybe save and edit the *.ini before? 3 - Also do you think It is time to udate spanish translation? I made it long time ago. If so Would you like to uptade something first? Best Regards alacran