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  1. You can download a 7/8.1/10 ISO from Microsoft using this tool: Later you can add all required files/folders to make that ISO or USB good for all OEM brands using the tool Project Only - No Query Tool [29.70 MB] from the links in this page: read text files inside the download, it is pretty clear. Source: NOTE: This is only good for OEM machines, this DO NOT activate the OS unless there is the required Slic or Serial in your Bios (from OEM manufacturer), so make sure you download the proper OS, for your machine, you can download Query Tool Only [109.82 KB] in advance to check wich OS is good for your equipment. Some AV claim this one is malware but IT IS NOT, false positive. alacran
  2. @LightAlpha263: Last version of Simplix pack was from June/20/2016 (v16.06.20), they update it around the 20th of each month. Download link: Torrent (Magnet): alacran
  3. @LightAlpha263: See this post please:
  4. Let me tell you it do not has Malware Updates (Win10 and telemetry related). This is Simplix Pack in MDL Forum: Source: So I can tell you: 1.- After integrate this, WU works flawlessly 2.- No malware updates in it. 3.- IMHO it is better than Convenience rollup update. alacran
  5. New rollup: "May 2016 update rollup for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1" According to Microsoft, Windows 7's users that will install "Convenience rollup update" in the future will need to install only update rollup released after this one, starting with May 2016 update rollup which is already available for download at: Direct download links for x86 & x64 available in the page. Issues that this update fixes: This update package fixes the issues that are documented in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles: KB3155039 Error 1326 when you change domain account password in Windows. KB3155218 Memory leak occurs in the Lsass.exe process after you install security update 3067505 in Windows. NOTE: This may content telemetry incorporated. alacran
  6. Reinstall the previous OS that was working fine.
  7. I found this info and I think it can be usefull, if you tray it please give feedback: NOTE: In that page there are direct links to MS for all KB's they mention, they are not seen in the copy I put here. (I haven't checked this as I disabled WU since August 2015, and no plans on enable it for any reason) alacran
  8. I just updated my 5 machines to Win10 this month (just in case), activated them and then go back to previous system image (Win7 and some of them dual boot with XP). Win Update is deactivated and the service is disabled since August 2015, when just stoped looking for and blocking the malware updates every month, none of the malware updates are instaled, machines are going to stay this way for as log as possible. Just updating regularly Acrobat reader, Flash Player, Java, VLC media player, FireFox, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free and Avast Free. Skype, Facebook and Google Crome are not installed, for searching the web I use Ixquick or DuckDuckGo. I make new backup images about every 2 months. All machines have a dedicated partition (for documents, programs and games) in order to reduce size of backup images, just imaging Windows partitions and Boot partitions. Also I have a copy of all my documents, programs and games on USB external HDD's. All internal and external HDD's are MBR partitioned to let me have a grub4dos boot option in Windows boot manager or directly instaled to MBR (external HDD's) in order to boot several Iso images located on a folder on my documents partition to avoid the need of a CD, DVD or USB stick or HDD just to load the recovery and backup utilities, Isos boot faster boot from intrernal HDD's (never the less I do have this option too). Scanning once a week using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware one week and Avast next week, and not a single problem until now. alacran
  9. Updates.txt
  10. Post just edited to add source. alacran
  11. Source: alacran
  12. Updates in the Pack Source:
  13. They are selling only the cheap line, but keeping the Lunia line (we will see for how long). Why do they do not understand: They are not going to take a big piece of the cake?. If for once they understand this, we could expect a more serious an professional Windows free of (Cr)apps. alacran
  14. You do not need Cortana. You may download SwiftSearch (just a single exe), it is great, free and faster than Windows one, also do not requiere to index files as MS one do, Only search in NTFS units. Download from this link: It is totally clean no adds on it, I use it since long time ago in all my PC's alacran