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  1. Google for VLC Media Player (it is FREE software), and install it, you do not need extra codecs from K-Lite Codec Pack or any other source, all codecs are embeded in VLC.
  2. I do not have experience with your MB but some time ago had one Asrock MB with Asmedia and Intel Sata internal ports, AFAIR there is an option on Bios/UEFI for using one or the other and bouth, your MB manual in Bios section should explain how this setting works in your specific MB. alacran
  3. That is just: Do it my way or go to hell!
  4. I never put Downloads in same partition as OS, in fact We have at home several PC's (7) usually they have a dual boot XP and 7, some only 7, when I say usually this means sometimes reducing a logical partition to create another to test 10, or a Linux distro or ReactosOS, etc, then after some time erase everything that did not like me and back to usuall way, backup images are mandatory just in case. HDD's are of 500 GB (5) and also 1 TB (2) So my partition scheme is: First primary active partition NTFS 15 to 25 GB: XP and 7 boot files/folders. Second primary partition NTFS 35 to 50 GB: 7 SP-1 x64 An extended partition with: A large First logical partition NTFS: Documents, Music, Downloads, Games etc. for both OS's (this is the one I reduce and make a new one when trying a new OS not in VHD. Second logical partition NTFS usually at least 50 GB: VHD's bootables from Windows boot manager, WinPE ISO's, bootables from HDD using grub4dos boot manager and Image Backups of XP & 7. A Win 7 x64 installed from and updated DVD is about 20 to 25 GB depending of installed programs, when hibernate and Windows Restore are deactivated. Iin fact yesterday I was runing some test in this PC, it is using at the moment 18.4 GB for 7 install and programs (RAM is 4 GB to give you an idea of pagefile size) and depending on your Backup Software the bachup image is 5.4 GB made in 35 min. using winlib-imagex (*.wim images), 7.35 GB made in 12 min. using Snapshot shareware, 9 GB made in 9 min. using Acronis for Western Digital Build 33 and 11.7 GB made in 35 min. using Macrium Reflect v6.3.1835 Free, Of course time it takes depends on Processor and HDD speed, not applicable for size of image, but as all tests are in same hardware it is very representative of Backup program capavilities. So I decided to keep using wimlib-imagex and it's GUI wimlib_clc This is not the fastest but it makes the smallest image, compatible with Windows tools as Dism and imagex, an image you can open with 7zip, and it is an image of files/folders and it's links.
  5. I found the best way is have more than one partition, installing only the OS and some programs on first primary partition as Office, Antivirus (Avast Free), a Browser (FireFox), 7Zip, etc., turn off Restore, and relocate anything else as My Documents, Downloads, Music, Videos etc. on another partition (as a logical one located on an extended partition) , you may install your games on this partition too or have a dedicated logical partition for this (yes I know sometimes you are forced to install a game on C:\ drive, but this are only some exceptions). This way when you make an image backup of your OS it is going to be very fast and give you a very little size image. I have also found virus almost always go to attack C:\ (the OS partition) and they do not mess with other partitions, so when needed you only make a Recovery from your last good image in a matter of 5 to 10 minutes and everything is back to normal. Additionally it is good to install CCleaner Free and run it at least once a week to get rid of all garbage collected from internet, it is also good idea to install Malwarebytes Free and run it at least every week after CCleaner (to not waste time inspecting all internet garbage and Temp files/folders). By the way I remember maybe 2 years ago I reinstalled XP this way in a friend's PC and after sometime maybe 2 moths he got some Ramsomeware, PC didn't boot, only an screen with the known message asking for your money to let you use your PC again, just booted from a WinPE on DVD, formated C:\ and made a Recovery from Backup image and in less than 10 minutes problem was solved, all info was untouched on the second partition (including the image I used to recover the PC that was located there), I don't know if new versions are more agresive but since this experience and having 2 Backups of all my important info on external USB drives, updated usually once a month, I feel very confident.
  6. Well someting went wrong, I did everything as per my posted plan, almost all updates installed fine, only very few said "Not applicable to this OS" or something with that meaning and aborted before install, I even reboot after every month updates to let them finish install. Finally after all this, and after final reboot (and having no errors in "Event Register"), I ran MS tool to "Free space on this unit", then it started and went as fas as cleanning update files (it was 991 MB) and when it was about 65 % it didn't move anymore, after waiting 2 hours tryed to cancel, but no way, I had to reboot the PC and all in that partition was wrong, not booting to 8 anymore, I had to format the partition. Good thing is I made a Ghost image before this (just in case), Do you have some ideas in order to help me reduce OS size? I want to clean it as much as possible, before doing Sysprep and make a new updated install.wim
  7. Thanks, I apreciate a lot the help from you and greenhillmaniac. The info is complete now, i already downloaded all KB with "WSUS Offline from January 2016" (made an Iso) and all in "greenhillmaniac repository", just started downloading now Update Rollups (excluding KB2975331 according to previous post). I start thinking it is going to be better an online update, this is my current plan: - Make an 8x64 install on HDD second partition. - Apply updates from WSUS Iso. - Apply Update Rollups (by date, older first). - Apply Updates from repository (by date, older first). - Apply Net Updates from repository (by date, older first). - Sysprep and make *.wim image with Imagex or winlib-imagex. I will apreciate your comments to my current plan, any suggestions are wellcome. Best Regards alacran
  8. Can you tell me what KB is this one? alacran
  9. Link: A security researcher that goes online by the nickname of MalwareTech is the hero of the day, albeit an accidental one, after having saved countless of computers worldwide from a virulent form of ransomware called Wana Decrypt0r (also referenced as WCry, WannaCry, WannaCrypt, and WanaCrypt0r). What MalwareTech did was spend around £10 to register a domain he found in the ransomware's source code. Security researcher finds ransomware kill switch The researcher discovered that the virulent and self-spreading Wana Decrypt0r ransomware was making a pre-infection check to a domain located at If the domain was unregistered, the ransomware would start encrypting files. But if the domain was registered, the ransomware would stop its infection process. By registering this domain, MalwareTech had accidentally triggered a worldwide kill-switch for the ransomware's self-spreading feature. Everyone needs to update their computers! "It's very important everyone understands that all they [Wana Decrypt0r gang] need to do is change some code and start again," MalwareTech explained last night. "Patch your systems now!" The Wana Decrypt0r ransomware used a self-spreading mechanism derived from an NSA exploit leaked by the Shadow Brokers. That exploit can be mitigated by installing the patches included with Microsoft security bulletin MS17-010. Additionally, Microsoft has released an update for older operating systems that are no longer officially supported, such as Windows XP, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2003. The update can be downloaded from here. People already infected with this ransomware will not get their files back just because that domain was registered. It means that no new infections will occur with yesterday's strain. Currently, there's no known method of breaking the ransomware's encryption. The only viable method of getting files back at the moment is from previous operating system backups, and by paying the ransom note, as a last resort. During yesterday's ransomware outbreak, MalwareTech also created a tracker for Wana Decrypt0r victims, and a live map, showing infections in real time, which is now terribly silent. For those affected, you can discuss this ransomware and receive support in the dedicated WanaCrypt0r & Wana Decrypt0r Help & Support Topic. Bleeping Computer also published a technical analysis of the Wana Decrypt0r ransomware. That exploit can be mitigated by installing the patches included with Microsoft security bulletin MS17-010 : Additionally, Microsoft has released an update for older operating systems that are no longer officially supported, such as Windows XP, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2003. The update can be downloaded from here: alacran
  10. Simplix Pack to update Live Win7 System/ Integrate updates into Win7 or Server 2008 Link (use google translate): Google translate: I use it to offline update my 7 SP-1, also it can be used on online system. alacran
  11. I want to install Win8 as a second boot OS on a PC that already has XP-SP3 used mainly for old games. Once I have it installed for the first time, How can I update it? AFAIK WU is not working anymore for this OS. So please give me a guidance where in this thread should I start in order to have all updates available before install to maybe offline update the install.wim, if I can't do this I will update it online and make an image of OS using winlib-imagex to have it as backup. Thanks in advance alacran
  12. You may also try ExecTI - Run as TrustedInstaller from Winaero: Or NSudo from M2Team: This last one has more options, run as TrustedInstaller, System, Administrator, etc and you can have several at the same time, also I think it runs in PowerShell, sounds like the tool you need. I haven't use it. But I read good comments about it in MDL: alacran
  13. Maybe this can be of some help: alacran
  14. I read there is an issue with some machines and MS stop updates untill they fix it. I seams it is a problem with equipment having Broadcome Bluetoot. So unless you already have an ISO you have to wait. alacran
  15. I found troubles during activation, and it was because just after install ran O&O ShutUp10 v1.5.1389 (2017.04.11) and selected all items to apply, before activation, you need to have at least the last two Windows Update not selected in order to activate properly, you also may run this litlle batch as administrator to fix Activation and also Store problems (do not remember where I found it): Just copy it and save as *.cmd, don't forget to run as administrator (and reboot just in case). Now my Win 10 Pro 1703 build 15063 without Apps (only config) is activated through Windows Activation Servers. Let me tell you, it do not look so bad once you remove all (CR)Apps it seams now as a serious OS not as a Smarphone anymore. Of course, almost all telemetry is also blocked now including forced updates. alacran