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  1. The theme editor only changes the colors of this theme. Other things you can try is making a whole new Firefox profile. Create a new Firefox shortcut and make it read like so: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -p That will let you make a new test profile, without addons and everything.
  2. @JorgeA I've had the problem you're having and it's only been on this forum. I suspect it's because of the theme. I tried clearing cookies, cache, etc. and nothing fixed it. After a few weeks it finally worked again just as mysteriously as it started. I say that I suspect it's the theme because on my own forum I use the stock forum theme and haven't had the issue. Nor have I on the several others, such as the official IPS website, Malwarebytes, and other sites that use the stock theme.
  3. I'll have to check that project out Noel. Per chance, have you heard of the Pi-Hole project? I've been reading about it and seeing what all it's capable of. It sounds like a pretty nice solution that would only cost you about 35 bucks. https://pi-hole.net/
  4. @Flasche, as a long time Expert with Malwarebytes, I will admit that I have never used their Anti-Exploit software. I do however know that it, and their Anti-Malware, Anti-Ransomware, and Anti-Exploit are all being merged into Malwarebytes 3.0. The beta just went public not long ago and it runs extremely well. The license is very worth getting, too. On the subject of uBlock Origin, I recently made the switch to it from Adblock Plus. It is indeed a wonderful addon. Thankfully, uBlock Origin has plenty of good lists that allow for great protection and ad filtering. Far more than Adblock Plus offered. I do hope that you whitelisted MSFN if you haven't already donated to the website. Even in uBlock Origin I tend to avoid using any of the lists that use a hosts file. hosts misuse has been discussed on many occasions and it can even be problematic cross platform as well! is localhost and opens a connection until it times out. On Windows 8 and up there is a noticeable delay. is a listen all on Linux, and it may very well also be true for Mac as well since both are Unix based though I may be incorrect about that. Windows Defender also detects changes to the hosts file in case of malware tampering. It's detected as SettingsModifier:Win32/PossibleHostsFileHijack. If you'd like to learn more, I have a comprehensive article written about Blocking Malware and Advertisements Safely that I continue to expand when good information comes to light about the common misuse of the hosts file. Hope this is helpful!
  5. Were you aware of the availability of WSUS Offline Update?
  6. You can legally download Windows 8.1. Just go to this official link and get the Media Creation Tool.
  7. What driver are you on and what is it rolling you back to?
  8. Invision is actually doing what is very common. Here, look at these screenshots of Office 2007.
  9. Please do not fall into believing this, everyone. This is a misuse of what the Hosts file is designed for. It's not as secure as many think; it's not designed to block websites, advertisements, malware, or anything similar. The Hosts file is designed to provide a proper redirect when and if your DNS is not updated yet for sites that have moved to new IPs/webhosts. Do NOT try anything like this as it has a negative impact on your system and makes ANY page you access take longer to load.
  10. Gee, I wonder why it's not there now...
  11. Windows 7, fully updated. Hm, what's this bottom option say? Sounds like a case of writer's desperation.
  12. Let's keep things civil in this thread. We're here to have discussions and to learn. As a reminder: MSFN Rules
  13. Your version of HijackThis is out of date. If you don't need Java for anything, get rid of it. You may want to switch from AVG to avast. And what do you mean by "customized" Windows?
  14. Browncoat, I checked the links and I believe I've found and fixed the issue for the Anti-Malware Toolkit. Previously it was bringing you to the download directory and the Anti-Malware Toolkit was listed right there. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Once you run through the PC Cleanup guide, post your HijackThis log in some codebox bbcode tags, and if need be other logs may be requested. I'll get your computer all cleaned up.
  15. Browncoat, please refer to this pinned topic and let's get your pc checked in to. Hosts file won't fix any infections. The hosts file is being misused to block malware and advertisements, this is not a solution or prevention, sadly. The hosts file should be mostly empty except for the defaults or any entries to websites you're having trouble reaching. There's a wiki article about how to Block Malware and Advertisements Safely. For our members and visitors, be sure to whitelist MSFN to show support.