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  1. Hi boooggy, I used your slipstream application with nLite and now I can't rip CD tracks with MP3, there's no MP3 format on the Rip CD options (only WMA and WAV). I can send you a screenshot if you want. It seems the WMP11 slipstream utility removed the following registry entries: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\Settings\MP3Encoding] "LowRate"=dword:0001f400 "MediumRate"=dword:0002ee00 "MediumHighRate"=dword:0003e800 "HighRate"=dword:0004e200 "PreferredCodecName"="mp3" "PreferredCodecPath"="C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\l3codecp.acm" I copied the entries from an original WMP11 installation and now it works as expected. Could you add this back on your app? Is there a way to specify nLite which mode (vanilla or tweaked) should the splipstream work? Which one is used by default? I can't change the mode from nLite Also where is the WMP11 slipstream changelog? I'm trying to get the list of applied patches and fixes, searched the forums but couldn't find a complete list. Thanks.