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  1. mb breaking big update to many would solve this issue ?
  2. @on opera neon subject i wish were browser with file explorer and local video player feature all in one deal Internet and inside stuff
  3. Can u share process hacker pic pls and action center working ? and clicking on clock open window ? thx
  4. had cleanup taking too much time in task manager its calling dismhost over and over i used dism with /cleanup first and then this hope it will help
  5. https://bitbucket.org/himselfv/cbsenum run it as trustedisntaller use Decouple before removing edit: Microsoft-HVSI-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~en-US~10.0.14971.1000 Microsoft-HVSI-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~10.0.14971.1000 might related
  6. I would do it after open powershell or some app that use dot net so it will make the files to run it fast
  7. [Feature Req] - Make Start button at the bottom in vertical taskbar
  8. dont know the reason mb maybe u change the default at secpol.msc
  9. haven't tried this, duno if there really different between them but there few tasks that will be re-add after a while, that should avoid running them
  10. Yes how to make Task scheduler sterilized: with process hacker change it to own process in other tab remove all the req privilege just leave or add SeChangenotifyprivlage Disable SystemEventsBroker service[need trustedinstaller] after remove it first, from the dependency of Task scheduler [ using regedit, restart needed] Task scheduler should be sterilized
  11. Hey NoelC. I found way to make it still work but without actually able to run tasks in the background so metro part of explorer.exe and rest is still working
  12. Im using server 2016 with task scheduler running as ghost dont have this exe running in the background task scheduler is running but cant run task in the background
  13. should relate to video card driver or tweaking ?
  14. mb u can backup to and restore it to another partition and from there do the upgrading and back to windows 7 at the main partition