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  1. should relate to video card driver or tweaking ?
  2. mb u can backup to and restore it to another partition and from there do the upgrading and back to windows 7 at the main partition
  3. Vmware workstation always was my fav also no weird bugs or error doesnt make sens however Hyper-v is faster when its on Ramdisk
  4. https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/windowsserver/2016/07/12/windows-server-2016-new-current-branch-for-business-servicing-option/ Windows Server 2016 new Current Branch for Business servicing option --- https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/cloud-platform/windows-server-2016#CP_SideTableWithCopy_1 Windows Server 2016 editions
  5. around 50 days
  6. use metroless windows like server 2016 or enterprise ltsb
  7. what is the process parent of the Startup applications ?
  8. use autoruns see the reg path for startup app
  9. i dont use compressing / encode, sometime i upload 600mb for 10mins cos yt compressing make it optimal alone, and rencode reduce video quality
  10. i found website that said RS1 gonna be free for who upgrade his windows to win10 so i assume after this release its gonna cost fee, looks like change to service fee , don't think its relate to who bought full version
  11. @DarkKnight Free Windows 10 will be till RS1, to get the next version will have to pay update service fee. about how its inevitable OS, Internet explorer is good example, its become obsolete and didnt fit to UX today chrome is mainstream, mb Android for PC by google ? will change the OS distribution ? Microsoft doing it again apply their policy like they did with IE, updates complication decrease security , no updates for old OS, no addon and going with old engine, customer satisfaction will degrade, Someone else will see it as opportunity to make a slice in MS market
  12. try first and see what the problem
  13. I made a yt video hope it helps
  14. use OBS for recording video, better quality
  15. then make new partition and apply it there and add boot entry and see if there drivers missing