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  1. thx i duno why, but im guessing too much modules that not optimized to work together try to lite windows or lited windows with those extensions might reduce crashes
  2. yea cos metro is hooked to it and metro apps is not stable all the installation updating process there, is new or just not good taking something simple and make it complex so it will be hard to remove or manage it by non-power user "was able to solve them by enabling option that puts explorer windows in a separate process." Im wondering how Im looking to it cos i want to make lited version thats works ok on non ssd pc or old ones Less handles less modules , better responsiveness for those old pc
  3. there so much modules that explorer.exe load. they relate to metro and other unneeded stuff, cant find way to control it ,just removing the files. some of them unsafe to remove else it will crash its really bugs me
  4. add mui to image [install.wim file] or to ur OS and with dism change the lang INTERNATIONAL SERVICING COMMANDS: /Set-LayeredDriver - Sets keyboard layered driver. /Set-UILang - Sets the default system UI language that is used in the mounted offline image. /Set-UILangFallback - Sets the fallback default language for the system UI in the mounted offline image. /Set-UserLocale - Sets the user locale in the mounted offline image. /Set-SysLocale - Sets the language for non-Unicode programs (also called system locale) and font settings in the mounted offline image. /Set-InputLocale - Sets the input locales and keyboard layouts to use in the mounted offline image. /Set-TimeZone - Sets the default time zone in the mounted offline image. /Set-AllIntl - Sets all international settings in the mounted offline image. /Set-SKUIntlDefaults - Sets all international settings to the default values for the specified SKU language in the mounted offline image. /Gen-LangIni - Generates a new lang.ini file. /Set-SetupUILang - Defines the default language that will be used by setup. /Get-Intl - Displays information about the international settings and languages.
  5. maybe change lang offline with dism would let u upgrade
  6. looks like apple also want to move to phone desktop integration
  7. use runas with parameter /savecred
  8. i success to remove, but 21 packages left i dont want to remove them all i used cbsenum to remove packages some succeeded to removed some of them not btw i see u made all service have their own process does it make the system less responsive or better ? or none just for keep tracking the process easier
  9. is there another way to remove appx package without changing StateRepository-Machine.srd
  10. run as cmd Trustedinstaller or any app that can change ntfs
  11. mb breaking big update to many would solve this issue ?
  12. @on opera neon subject i wish were browser with file explorer and local video player feature all in one deal Internet and inside stuff
  13. Can u share process hacker pic pls and action center working ? and clicking on clock open window ? thx
  14. had cleanup taking too much time in task manager its calling dismhost over and over i used dism with /cleanup first and then this hope it will help