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  1. Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 Extended support will end on April 9, 2019... and were Confucius alive, he'd become 2570 years old on Sep 28, 2019!
  2. ACPI1003 is catered for by the default battery.inf
  3. Did you try Autoruns 13.62 already? If so, try again, but launch it as TI. You may create a .cmd batch for that and run it from the startup folder...
  4. Other possibilities are described here.
  5. Great! But how do you get it to run like that? Can you share the secret with us?
  6. Yeah, but that one is not near as good as Joakim's. Joakim's original tools are over on and, while he has a new one, called RunasTI, which unifies the two origenal tool, I still prefer the original ones. In a nutshell one runs them as the TIcmd.cmd below: rem joakim net.exe start trustedinstaller runassystem64.exe "runfromtoken64.exe trustedinstaller.exe 1 cmd.exe" exit But one may substitute cmd.exe by any other valid command. Except for explorer.exe, which somehow regains a lower priviledge when one tries to get it running as TI. Then again, regedit will run all right and most, if not all, priviledge problems go away (although, then, the current user is "Local System"). There's also many other tools by Joakim on Joakim is a member here on MSFN, too, but does not visit often. This page, by fdv, also makes an interesting read. NB: While the tool's above let you become the TrustedInstaller, and the trick you posted above with psexec let you become SYSTEM, which has less rights, if one runs MS's own whoami it'll reply "SYSTEM" in both cases, because both use the LocalService Hive as its user hive. And, also BTW, there's paexec, too, as an alternative (if I don't tell this, jaclaz'll, so here it is).
  7. BTW, how are you becoming TrustedInstaller on 10? With Joakim's tools? Up to 8.1 I'm sure it's the most reliable way to do it.
  8. But now we know SystemSettings.exe is being started by the ApplicationFrameHost.exe, right? So, whatever is happening under the covers, must be acting on the ApplicationFrameHost.exe...
  9. And... before you do that, since you run it with the UAC turned off, I'd guess you may rename a system file without triggering its instant replacement, right? If so, just rename it to SystemSittings.exe, and let's see whether an error gets thrown, and if so, which process throws it. Is that feasible?
  10. Has a "Cone of Silence" actually been invented, at long last? So they say: Muzo. I do doubt it but, then again, I'm quite pessimist about gadgets like that... What seems too good to be true, usually actually isn't true, you all know.
  11. In your opinion.
  12. @NoelC: Launch Process Hacker via the Startup folder (or an equivalent means) and save a process list just after boot. Wait for the debug console window to open for ApplicationFrameHost.exe and, before dismissing it, save another process list. Compare both lists. What's different? Maybe we can learn something from this exercise, besides what you've already found out...
  13. Since now is late 2016, that means just half again a year hence, by which time I doubt "a lot less" might be more than half the current users... and, if so, XP shall still command about 5% of the desktop market share, and that's actually more than twice the desktop market share linux ever has had, and threfore it still ought to be quite far from a trifle.
  14. Google just wants to ensure Chrome on XP is killed well dead...