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  1. Well, make sure you do provide us with a good how-to, when you consider it good enough, so that we can learn from your hard work. This sure is an important step into ensuring a long life for Win 7 Ultimate SP1 (the last decent NT-OS in the family). Keep on the great work!
  2. I use Office 2000 and Office 97 at home and Office 2010 at work. Usually when I recieve an Office 2010 by email to modify/revise, and it's plain text (which is often the case) I do convert it to a "Word 2.x for Windows" .doc format (just for the lulz), before sending back my revised version, and people usually does not even notice that change. This just illustrates most of what came after Word 2.11 for Windows, in what regards text editing, is not even used, much less needed, by most of its users, in RL. Exceptions, there are many, but they just further confirm my statement. Processing a text, as opposes to typing it on a Remington Rand "portable" typewriter, was already fully mature by the time of Word 2.00 for Windows. After that they've added a few useful capabilities and a lot of bloat. But all that changed exactly at Office 2007, because that marked the advent of the "ribbon" and strated the actual destruction of the usability of the great and, by then, familiar, Word user interface. Sic transit gloria mundi !
  3. IMO, > 1.5 GiB is the moment where RLoew's RAM Limitation Patch becomes an absolute must, but as already said, it'll give much added stability to anything from 0.5 GiB on, and also allow the use of some Video and/or LAN cards which are otherwise a no-no.
  4. Have you solved it already, Dave? Does this link maybe help?
  5. Moonchild's iron-clad decision never to support prprietary H.264 content will be the demise of Pale Moon (forsaking XP users also helps speed that, of course)...
  6. You know XP cannot see all the 4 GiB. The amount actually seen depends on the actual hardware present and on how the BIOS is configured. Much more info at this link, do take your time reading it all. In fact, even among the various NT-OSes, the amount seen may vary, for the selfsame machine.
  7. jre-8u121 has been released.
  8. Read this: Updating Win 7 SP1 with the Convenience Rollup and having Win and MS Update actually still work after
  9. Were I you, I'd include 7 ultimate on the near side of the line in the sand. I, myself, did so and don't regret it. A great thing about 7 is XP-Mode. But this are just my 2¢, of course. YMMV.
  10. Well, I stand corrected, so kernelex is not needed. Notwithstanding that, the "xxx.exe is not a valid win32 application" usually is due to a subsystem version set to > 5.0 in the PE header.
  11. That might be due to user fingerprinting. Visit and see what I'm talking about.
  12. Against facts, there is no argument. And the 2nd law of Thermodynamics describes such a fact. Moreover, with all due respect to you, the best arguments are lost on you: jaclaz provided you with references galore... did he convince you? No. Why should I think I'd fare any better? So I decided not to even try, but gave you my opinion, nonetheless. No offense intended, though. Beside m opinion, however, as per your request, I provided you a precious link to a file named, which contains the active@killdisk v. 4.1 without an installer (later versions are provided only in installer form). Inside that file you'll find an Extende DOS version, a real-mode version and a Win32 version of the free killdisk. The windows version kd_win.exe runs on any PE from Bart PE to the PE from Win 8.1 (I didn't try to use with any from Win 10), and runs on normal Windows from 2k to 7 for sure, and probably on newer versions, too. It can perform a single-pass full-disk zeroing. It saves its configuration in a file on the same folder it's started from, without writing anything to the registry. And I find active@'s license very poetic. If one believes a one-pass full-disk zeroing is enough, one can do it for free. If, instead, one wants or needs to comply to the DoD standards for safe erasure or any other yet more byzantine schemes, one can do it, too, but needs the paid-for version to do that. There are later versions of the Win32 program and linux versions of those later versions, too, and they are available in the current active@ download page. The licensing policy remains the same.
  13. That's because the subsystem version has not been fixed on-the-fly... in other words, kernelex is required for Chromium 34 to work on 2k, but you ain't using it.
  14. Nonsense! One single pass writing zeroes throughout the HDD is all that is needed. All the rest is dust in the wind. The old free version of Active@ KILLDISK for Windows (Console) v.4.1 or the corresponding DOS version ought to be enough for that.