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  1. Here. But you cannot get it, you must acquire it, in case you really want it.
  2. Yes. You might start by reading the forums, before posting asking for ideas... Read this...
  3. It'll say: "We've offered it to you for free, bu you've spurned us... Now, your Window has been updated to 10, and you owe us US$ 299. You can refuse to pay but, then, it won't boot anymore, ever... We trully hope you've understood already this is an offer you can't refuse."
  4. Effective File Search - it runs equally well on anything, from 2k to 10 and is free on top of it!!! Works on 9X/Me, too, to be true...
  5. Fact is: unkillable is a "famous last word". One just has to keep killing 'em faster than they can get better, until they do stay dead!
  6. And if the machine has a memory hoist, one can always use Gavotte to create a reasonable sized RAMDisk from the remaining...
  7. No. It's more like: "You pay us for the product and you can do what you want with it... to no avail!"
  8. Did you consider calling MS Tech Support? I be that one's a matter they sure know how to fix...
  9. Cobra-de-Vidro - Vespas Mandarinas
  10. OK. Could you please take a pic of the BSOD and attach it to your next post, please?
  11. Well, IMHO PC-BSD fits the bill perfectly, although it's a FreeBSD (viz: not Linux) distro. And that's plenty obscure, besides fully functional, too!
  12. Well, sort of... nowadays the OS got really smarter, so, no, one really has to worry about updating no more... now one just worries about the OS, period!
  13. Nah... that's too easy (after all, for you, it must be super-pro obscure)... try this one as an example (it must work, and must, of course, represent full-blown over-engineering)!
  14. One - M. J. Blidge & U2 (followed by M. J. Blidge & Elliot Yamin, below)
  15. Good for you! It's like @NoelC never tires to point out: it just ain't good for getting any real work done, whereas it excels at telling MS what one ate yesterday!