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  1. You do rock, jumper, you sure do!
  2. Dyn DNS kissed the dust on Oct 21, 2016, due to DDoS! Read about it at the Register <link>
  3. Was it this (<link>) the driver you've got from the internet?
  4. Info on POSReady updates/hotfixes is scanty, anyway, to say the least...
  5. It shows pink for me, too. I don't think it should be up to me to change the secondary theme color, since it changed of its own volition to start with... That's easy: none at all. We're just users (MS customers... current or former), nothing more.
  6. Done! Thanks for the heads up!
  7. Wow! Well, it didn't, not too long ago, so that what you should really have said is: Microsoft Update Catalog now also works with other Internet browsers, at long last!
  8. Hard to belive? Never underestimate the MS geniuses! @Dave-H: Never mind. It'll be useless. I get the same result here, look:
  9. Absolutely. MS, OTOH, is just begining to learn how to do it propperly... but it seems they're fast learners, AFAICS.
  10. You forget Mozilla is the heir to Netscape, and Netscape has already proven they knew how to utterly sink a winner product... I guess they've kept alive both the knowledge and the urge to do it. I'm 7 years short of reaching that mark, but except for that, I do fully agree, mutatis mutandis.
  11. Santana ft. Maná - Corazón Espinado
  12. One can spoof IE version for everybody but it cannot fool MS... and it's adamant on refusing to talk to IE8... Then again one can visit those pages with FF/Opera/Chrome/etc. (well, mostly...)!