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  1. That's just one more reason to encapsulate modifications in a new executable and redirect/inject those in real time, without modifying system files. Don't ask me how to do it: I don't know, but I do know it can be done. And that's the beauty of how Xeno86 implemented kEx in for 98/ME.
  2. <shift><enter> gets you a newline like this, while simply hitting <enter> gets you a double-newline like this... go figure!
  3. Well, the point is, to go through the moves and seem to be updating the IP.S (S for "service", not B for "board" anymore), they not only deprecate perfectly useful features, but also add others fully useless, until it actually reaches crapheap perfection. MS is doing likewise with Win 10, you know...
  4. Try this: unknowndevices to get a list of identifiers. Then searching for drivers may become much easier. BTW, which are the maker and model of the machine's 500 GB HDD?
  5. Move on to 2k or XP.
  6. ... or you might consider moving on to a double boot setup, to have both 8 and Vista at your disposal, depending only on which you select at boot time.
  7. This topic has been updated! What's New? on post #2: Dave-H's machine (2) has been updated. Let's keep the list up-to-date: If you are using 9x/ME with more than 1 GiB RAM, do PM me your info and you shall be added to the list!
  8. Windows Virtual PC ???
  9. Choice? Whaddyu mean "choice"? You got Win 10: no choice at all!
  10. @jumper: Did your quota get bigger? If not, let me know.
  11. If you mean XP Home, no. One can add the POS trick onto XP Home all right, and it just works. As for XP MCE 2005, I've no experience with it, so I don't know. BTW, Jody: you surely meant "bad news", not "back news", right?
  12. Same here. Updated 3 machines already.
  13. I may be somewhat out, perhaps, and if so, sorry to bother, but... what is "Sweet 1607" supposed to be?
  14. Possibly because it is on my list. But, then again, my reasoning is "things that require the Universal C Runtime are from the Win 10 set, so they have more telemetric potential than average". However, if one is willing to use Office 365 ( ), one shouldn't anymore actually worry about the Universal C Runtime, because the telemetric potential of Office 365 far exceeds that of the C Runtime, of course. My list tries embeds my jugement of what is undesirable: it may be too paranoid for some, and too relaxed for others. YMMV, as always.
  15. But OT is not: have you all considered it's utterly ambiguous (viz. does it mean "On-Topic" or "Off-Topic"), yet it rarely, if at all, creates ambiguity? The ways of the human mind, and humans approach to language, in particular, work in mysterious ways, reason enough for no good solution for machine translation exist up to now...