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  1. Well, IMHO PC-BSD fits the bill perfectly, although it's a FreeBSD (viz: not Linux) distro. And that's plenty obscure, besides fully functional, too!
  2. Well, sort of... nowadays the OS got really smarter, so, no, one really has to worry about updating no more... now one just worries about the OS, period!
  3. Nah... that's too easy (after all, for you, it must be super-pro obscure)... try this one as an example (it must work, and must, of course, represent full-blown over-engineering)!
  4. One - M. J. Blidge & U2 (followed by M. J. Blidge & Elliot Yamin, below)
  5. Good for you! It's like @NoelC never tires to point out: it just ain't good for getting any real work done, whereas it excels at telling MS what one ate yesterday!
  6. That is most likely to happen if the robot has Windows Updates active and a connection to the internet, and July 29th hasn't passed yet...
  7. I do understand that, and that's why I replied like I did: to make you realize it can be read as somewhat nasty, especially in forums like here. As for not working, one cannot both keep the cake and eat it, you know: so I currently use Google Chrome 49.0.2623.112 m (when it's unavoidable), else FF 44.0.1 (with the HTML5 tweak) and, BTW, Adobe Reader 8.3.1 (I never liked the newer ones anyway), so, "not working" is clearly in the eyes of the beholder, so-to-say... Cheers, Jody!
  8. The only reason you may fail to put things in the cart is if you select a removable or ramdrive as destination. It wants a local hard disk.
  9. Yeah. You do. You have my respect, but that's a stance I really don't like. And, BTW, make no mistake, I do solely bank (and buy things, too) online on XP, ATM. Someday, way back when, I may have told you it's not secure (because, in my view, nothing ever is secure!), but I'm confident it's as secure as 7/8/8.1/10+, if not even more. After all, were I a criminal hacker, I'd sure be targeting NT 6.x+, which is easier to do and covers most of the potential victims (ca. 80%), too. Security through obscurity usually adds little to overall security, but when people strive so hard to kill an OS, as is being done to NT 5.x, it sure does add a mesure of additional security. As Emperor Septimius Severus is supposed to have said: omnia fui et nihil expedit... no: it's not safe - nothing ever is. But that's no reason to eschew it, not at all. Like what? All I need to do serious work and all I need for my leisure time still do work on XP, all right. So, to me it sounds like you're launching an ominous Shakespearean curse on it... and that sure does not sound right, all the more in forums like here, in which so many of us strive hard to keep it alive and kicking...
  10. No. I beg to disagree. What he charges is not even near what his work is truly worth, and the task you wish accomplished is far from easy. Be my guest.
  11. Yes to both. However, since learning to do it properly would surely demand from you more time and hard work than you probably can afford to spare, in order to get a working driver anytime soon, I think hiring someone is the way to go, and nobody in the world is more able or knowlegeable to create an emmc driver for you than the great Geoff Chappell, whom I do recommend you. Do ask him about a formal consultation, please. BTW: I take this opportunity to offer Mr. Chappell my appologies on behalf of MSFN for past misunderstandings (although I, myself, wasn't personally involved in them, at the time, of course, given that I have always had the deepest respect for Mr. Chappell and his work).
  12. It's out already: 8u101/102.
  13. Some more related info: The procedure entry point InitializeCriticalSectionEx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll