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  1. Your board has 2 PCI slots, so the simplest solution would be to give it a good old VIA VT6105 (10/100Mbps) Fast Ethernet Card (available for about US$ 5 on Mercado Livre). If your internet access is not above 100Mbps, you might disable tho onboard Ethernet and use the VIA card for all your setups...
  2. I know. I still have two Zip100s and a Zip250 (all IDE) sitting on a shelf right beside me here. But LS-120s look more like floppies and can actually read and write common floppies... that's what I was thinking about: looks, not actual reliability.
  3. Well, you could have used an LS-120, and that'd be even nearer to a floppy, right? (One can run floppies from a superdisk drive...).
  4. Z97? Wildcat Point? Socket 1150. Haswell or later. Not a great choice for XP, much less for XP Home, IMO. Somebody will tell you "of course you can do it", and it's true (sort of), but it'll be a lame duck, believe me... Realtek ALC1150? I doubt it might have an official driver for XP... and no USB 3.0 driver either. If you're using XP just as a secondary OS, XP-mode in a virtual machine over 7 x64 is your best bet. Or even use just the XP-image from XP-mode (which is XP Pro!) on Oracle VirtualBox over 7 x64 (it rocks!).
  5. By using an admin account instead?
  6. 8 added Metro and removed the Start menu, hence the shock. But all that could be undone by tweaking, because the underlying engines remained there. 10, instead, crippled more seriously the latent funcionalities of the underlying engines and added telemetry and advertisements, but arriving after 8+, it caused less shock. Were the release order the reverse, 8 might have been hailed as a steer back to the right direction. Ever heard of "the goat and the Rabbi"? MS used one of the oldest tricks in the book to try an' slide 10 down people's throats...
  7. Here's the <link> to get there, just in case you don't have it handy. Also, do, please, answer my two questions quoted below:
  8. That's easy: there still wasn't 10 around... were it, 8'd get only love.
  9. The Dell 530s has na ICH9... So it should work. Then again, life's full of things that should but don't, so I suggest you go to Fernando's forum, grab the driver he recommends (preferably his modded version) and update your intel SATA driver, before trying once again. You obviously have a sort-of working driver already, but maybe a slightly later version might like your SSD some more... BTW, which SSD (maker and model) is it exactly? And if it was bought used, why didn't you zero it out fully, before reusing, if I may so ask?
  10. It probably actually is a false positive. Then again, Slimjet is a pretty obscure browser, so it might even be true. IMO, Roffen, you took the best course of action. It's better safe than sorry, and not worth risking just for the sake of curiosity. BTW, I'm glad to see your access has been restored!
  11. Dibya: Please do stop asking people to do your work for you! The way to learn what you want to learn is by patient trial-and-error. If there were anybody wishing to tutor/teach you on those things, that person would've contacted you already.
  12. XP SP3 does run on SATA all right! You've got to give it a driver by slipstreaming or F6 to install it on SATA, but that's very old news. This machine I'm posting from is SATA-only and I'm on XP SP3 booted from an SSD (viz. a 40GB FAT-32 partition of an 120 GB OCZ VERTEX3 SATA 6Gb/s on an Intel Core i7 3770K powered Asus P8Z68-V LX).
  13. Are you using IE8 or IE6?
  14. Ask @jumper: he's a member here!