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  1. Of course it is. And it fits quite nicely a straight line gently sloping downward y = -0.306 * x + 12.118, in which y is the market share percentage and x the number of months... and suggesting Windows XP has at least two more years to go before falling below 5%...
  2. Yay!
  3. Here's some context: Fact is that limitation is PM specific for XP (and any pre-Vista NT-OS, for that matter)! So here's the reply I gave @JodyT: I'm planning to keep on FF till 52, then onto 52esr to the last one before it becomes 59esr, then stop. I shall then keep using that final version while at all feasible, same as I still do with Chrome 49 and IE8 (when and if ione of them is needed or to test issues on multiple browsers). PM 26.5.0 is kept also, for the selfsame reason. As for what happens after the very last 52esr becomes unusable, I'm not sure, really... ... the Deluge, maybe?
  4. They've dropped XP. They got their desert. Now lots of non-XP users sure will drop them. One got to reap what one sows.
  5. I think the last good version will be 52esr anyway, so my plan is to keep updating until 52 is out, then move on to the esr branch and stop updating just in time to keep the last 52.x.y (avoiding the move to 59esr, that is bound to happen later on)...
  6. You didn't do it exactly as described or it would have worked... those directives are case-sensitive, do re-check case and spelling carefully, please.
  7. Inside the gmp-gmpopenh264/1.6/ is Cisco's "OpenH264 Video Codec", while Adobe's "Primetime Content Decryption Module" goes inside gmp-eme-adobe/17/... the .dll in mine is v. 5.14.40673.0, digitally signed by Adobe on Feb 12, 2016. This plugin is the one that does the magic, AFAIK. Cisco's module is installed when FF is installed and is not enough by itself. Until one adds the correct directives to about:config and the Adobe plugin gets automagically installed, the videos that matter don't play at all. Afterwards, it just works!!!
  8. I've just updated to FF 50.0 and I confirm all the videos in the Quirksmode Test Page play OK. Moreover, all my extensions (PlainOldFavorites, RefControl, User Agent Switcher and New Tab Override 3.0) were accepted and kept working.
  9. They've got some time to fall in line, because they've sure still got lots of money to waste, while learning. Both best alternatives (viz. OpenVMS and OpenSolaris) didn't quite prosper, which is a pity, because now all we got is Free/Open/Net-BSD and MS. Let's hope it'll find its way back to the right path till 2020. Time is on our side...
  10. Not yet, AFAICS. I'd be great if you did so and reported your results... TuMaGoNx mini how-to is quoted below, but small adjustments may be needed for the newest xompie-0.4a.exe
  11. You quote this post which has an official MS direct download link in it (why do you think "Windows Essentials 2012" is in blue and underlined?): ... however you don't check that link and go ahead to say: And then you go looking for a link to the offline-installer, while all the time you already had one... Fascinating!
  12. Well, to me it sounded just that... Moonchild's post opens with: It can be construed as a reminder to XP users to disable automatic updates, just to avoid being shut out suddenly, and nothing more. My 2 ¢, of course. But it may turn out my reading is correct... let's wait and see.
  13. That's my opinion, too. I use as main machine nowadays precisely a 3770K i7 on a P8Z68-V LX motherboard. Just my 2¢, of course.
  14. Who says they didn't? 26.5.0 is the current version, all right, but who said there should be any further 26.x.x version, before they release 27.0.0? AFAICS, they might have fulfilled their promise to the letter...