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  1. To be precise, MS re-released a patch: as you can easily guess by its number, KB982316 is, in fact, old news. OTOH, it's much better to have too much information (if there actually is such a thing as "too much information"), than to have too little of it. Thanks for calling my attention to enSilo... I hadn't heard about them before.
  2. My take is similar: if 4Kb sectored disks (either virtual or actual) do work with both plain-vanilla FASTFAT.SYS and NTFS.SYS, as we know they actually do, at least in the case of WDC My Passaport external USB HDDs, then they oughtn't to require any patching, and perhaps a revised/special version of UNIATA.SYS might be enough to get internal 4Kb sectored disks ATA HDDs working, too, and put within reach the 8 TB limit (when such HDDs become available at reasonable prices, of course). Just my 2¢, of course, and no disrespect to anyone intended.
  3. What part of "Opticork is a con artist and his kernelEx is vaporware (= a hoax)" did you fail to understand, @Dibya? How in the world can you still believe in him to this day?
  4. @Dibya: Now you have a thread for browsers on ExtendedXP. Do not - I repeat - do not hijack the other thread which is exclusively for browsers still working on *n*o*r*m*a*l* XP SP3 (with the POSReady trick allowed, of course). Thanks in advance for your understanding and compliance.
  5. Welcome! You've come to the right place, IMO.
  6. For those having trouble with winlogon, and anyone wishing to use the latest version of it, there is WindowsXP-KB2878379-v2-x86-ENU.exe, which was not pushed via WU/MU, athough it's rather old. I've been using it since March 2014, with no adverse effects. It may or may not solve the described issue, but it won't hurt to try, right? It installs winlogon.exe, licdll.dll and dpcdll.dll, all three v. 5.1.2600.6443. It's digitally signed by MS on Fri, Sep 06, 2013 (4 years old, as I said) and exists in many or maybe all language versions.
  7. No. XP assumes, without checking, 512-byte sectors. That's the issue. But that happens only for the SATA (and presumably also for PATA) HDD. But since 4KiB sectored PATA do not actually exist, so the issue is only reported for SATA. I guess it might also happen for SAS, BTW, for the same reasons, but that's not reported anywhere, AFAIK.
  8. Sure! That's why I thought updating the XP SCSI driver to use 4KiB Sector mapping might be the path of lesser resistence, to work on.
  9. You two rock! I rolled back my HOSTS file to the one I was using on Dec 2016, and that site started working again! Something I added to the HOSTS file breaks it! My bad! Thanks a lot for your help and swift replies!
  10. Well, that's beyond strange but, then again, it might be something on my machine's config... I'll give it a thorough look, hope I find something... Which Java are you using, BTW: 8u131?
  11. Is that on 2k Pro or XP SP3?
  12. "Nomes no Brasil" is a database of citzen names. It doesn't work anymore on XP, although it used to work, last year, from incept time. Sometime early this year it stopped working on XP. It still works all right with either IE 10 or IE11, as well as with FF 52.1.1 esr on 7 ultimate x86, but refuses to work (the site displays, but the search form isn't there) on the same FF 52.1.1 esr, when on XP SP3! My guess is this is an artificial limitation, coded deliberately on the site, to silently refuse working on XP, maybe not crafted directly by the page developpers, but perhaps by the developpers of some tool they've used. If so, it's possible it may be circumvented. Regrettably, I haven't, however, the necessary finesse to find out what the underlying issue actually is, nor how to circumvent it, but I'm sure some of you all might, so that's why I'm bringing this matter to your consideration. Your advice and help are much appreciated!
  13. Or not... It seems 2k is immune to WannaCry... read this...
  14. Not at all. AFAIK, there's nothing in the de-facto standard tha is the MBR that requires it to have 512-bytes sectors. In fact, the question of sector-size is not dealt with in any field of the MBR. It's simply ignored.