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  1. Non-SSE2 machines are a lost game, already.

    1. Tommy


      I'm not against progress, but I'm definitely against planned obsolescence. But I guess we can mostly thank the flashy fancy web for that. I'd rather have quality content on a white background than a 100MB per page website any day of the week.

    2. dencorso


      For the record, planned obsolescence, enforced by MS was actually the main problem here: MS VC++ 2012, was the 1st MS VS that enabled SSE2 by default (and all its successors do so, too). For MS VC++ 2012, it was possible to compile for non-SSE, by using the /arch:SSE and /Oi- compiler directives, but I don't  know whether later MS VS versions still offer such compiler directives or not. In any case, since the default became to compile for SSE2 from MS VC++ 2012 on, almost no author ever bothered to disable that, even if SSE2 instructions weren't actually needed or helpful for the software being compiled.