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  1. Simple XP 32BIT 64Gb RAM (true Pae) Guide

    what did you expect? What part of EXACT info did you fail to understand?
  2. Robocopy anomaly

    Not at all! I do like it, too. But I'd take a 1976 Aston Martin Lagonda instead any time, hands down! Moreover, since here in S. Paulo driving above 50 km/h (except for two expressways that allow 90 km/h and one rapid crosstown avenue that allows 60 km/h) will get one a ticket (and 5 points which expire after one full year), and when one gets 21 ticket-points one loses the drivers-licence for up to two years and has to undergo an ultra-PITA process to get it back after that time, I now favor going slow, listening to music, immersed in a cool air conditioning and having a diet-coke on top of it, while everybody else curses, blares the horn and sweats in minuscle 1.0 cars and swarms of decrepit 125cc motorcicles zip by.
  3. Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

    Provided Jody agrees to it, I'd be pleased to split the thread. Then again, I think we should call it: "Windows XP - Deepest Impressions", because of the tradition already established here at MSFN by similarly named threads...
  4. You mean, just like "risk of life" = "risk of death"?
  5. I see... it's byte rust! It seems you've got a bad case of it...
  6. Check to see whether each and every needed directive is present in the about:config page. It has happened many times to many of us that some directive or other disappears upon updading, even from a minor build to the next.
  7. I've Always understood the "two blank lines" as being the same as "CR;LF;CR;LF". My own rationale here is: one "CR;LF" ends the last line. The second "CR;LF" shows there's no next line. There is a parallel in C matrixes of strings: a 0x00 ends each string. When followed by another 0x00, it indicates the matrix has ended. The VS_VERSION_INFO structure used by MS executables is an example of such a "double-zero" terminated matrix. Of course, these are my personal musings prompted by @bphlpt's question and @jaclaz's reply, so I can provide no reference for them.
  8. To be true, I don't know why, either. But since at least Win 95 times (= REGEDIT4) up to this day, there must be a pair of blank lines at the end of any .reg file. I think some, if not all, such files may be interpreted wrongly if ended by just one blank line or none. But I don't remember ever having done it, personally (i. e. failed to put the two blank lines). Perhaps jaclaz can tell us why.
  9. It's possible and harmless to spoof IE8 as IE9. However, pretending to be IE10 or, worse, IE11 leads to cripled funcionality. The above .reg does it. Remember it's mandatory to put two (or more) blank lines at the end of the .reg file, though.
  10. Robocopy anomaly

    Nah! That's too yesterday! What you really want (you just don't know it yet) is the brand new Bentley Continental GT, of course!
  11. MS must've pulled out the putative v 5.1.2600.7330 of xpsp2res.dll at the last moment, because they've found it was seriously blorked or, in the hurry which must now be their update creation proccess (because they've already fired too many of their best people), someone just forgot to compile the new file and they've tossed in the latest one they had at hand, instead, and it happened it wasn't the actual latest extant version, but the one preceding it. Incompetence, as y'all know, usually is the true explanation.