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  1. I don't know to work with xml files but let me tell you what I did until now. I suppose everybody want to install nero9 not any other version (moveit, mediahome4 or backitup4). That means we want to install the Category ID 2 that is Nero9. The category ID 2 info is between line 51: <InstallerCategory id="2" child="Properties"> and line 2316 </InstallerCategory> So from line 2317 to line 9114 we can delete everything. Now, the command part of the nero9 is splited in 6 Sequence Orders install, modify, remove, update, append and removeSN. The install sequence is between line 1842and 1973 But from here I don't know what to change not to broke the installation. Somebody was saying the file is too large, now it can have less then 1/4 from original size, maybe this will help.
  2. Sorry to bother but I can't understand a thing. Anyone know how to get rid of that "frame break" of the screen under the text from right side?