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  1. Thanks Kelsenellenelvian thats great but sadly still in beta well i will try it sometime but at the moment i am installing the .net stuff with runonceex.cmd and other stuff using xpinstall. well things are working fine so far. thanks once again :)
  2. Kelsenellenelvian and cluberti thanks for the replies but what do you guys suggest what can be done to overcome this issue. Kelsenellenelvian--> your were talking about some packages can you please elaborate what package and where can i find that package. thanks once moer.
  3. HI Guys, I am getting following errors while installing applications using XPinstall. I get the below error when it reaches to install .Net Framework 2.0. and then when i click on ignore then i get the below error. also i am getting a similar error to the first one when it reaches to install Windows Live Messenger I hope someone has a solution to this problem. or else i will be installing these application with GUIRunonce mode as it worked fine with that, but i was trying to give a little more sleek and professional look . May be some sort of permission issue at T-9 stage.