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  1. IIRC OpenVMS is porting to x86_64(AMD64/EM64T), not x86-32.
  2. I've adblocker whitelisted here. Please don't use aggressive anti-adblock scripts on MSFN.
  3. FYI (from blackwingcat): It seems that KB4018556(CVE-2017-0244/CVE2017-8483) causing login problems: Reported problem with COM security patch KB 4018556 for WinXP Embedded @ AskWoody (https://www.askwoody.com/2017/reported-problem-with-wannacry-patch-kb-4018556-for-winxp-embedded/) KB4018556 forces winlogon.exe/ntdll.dll to crash (https://support.microsoft.com/ja-jp/help/4025687/microsoft-security-advisory-4025685-guidance-for-older-platforms)
  4. XomPie

    Mozilla does not recommend using gcc to compile Gecko engine for windows, and this is unsupported. So playing around mingw with gecko is actually entering unrevealed area of map, no one can actually giving any help.
  5. XomPie

    Seems to be hard here as I have only XP as main system and build environment requires huge amount of RAM and may require 64bit win7+ environment, which I don't have here.
  6. XomPie

    I think you need to figure how to build a vanilla build of palemoon/firefox/k-meleon and then adding your own code over it.
  7. XomPie

    tried 27.2.0 and 27.4.0 both crash when startup, without wined3d everything works.
  8. XomPie

    I patched palemoon with xompie-0.6-alpha options "0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7" (so msvcrt and d3d9 shouldn't be patched) palemoon can start in safe mode, but not normal mode. EDIT: if I renamed d3d1[01].dll I can start palemoon normally.
  9. XomPie

    maybe it is nothing wrong with xompie but wine3d? I find that palemoon crashes with my AMD OpenGL ICD. atioglxx.dll!69940bd2() atioglxx.dll!69941308() atioglxx.dll!69946e44() atioglxx.dll!6993bda7() atioglxx.dll!6974d51a() atioglxx.dll!6971b1fb() atioglxx.dll!69710a28() atioglxx.dll!697228a2() ntdll.dll!7c93005d() ntdll.dll!7c93005d() atioglxx.dll!69ec55f4() atioglxx.dll!69ec5613() > msvcr120.dll!_cprinput_l(const unsigned char * format=, localeinfo_struct * plocinfo=, char * arglist=) Line 1374 + 0xc
  10. XomPie

    already patched palemoon 27.2 unstable was working but now crashed before showing UI.
  11. Extended Kernel for XP (ExtendedXP)

    in patch.cpp: /** Processes patches and integrates them into the PE file. * @param PEfile PE file. * @param patches Table of patches for selected PE file. */ void apply_patches(CPEFile& PEfile, abstract_patch* patches[]) { /* ... */ //create new section int UpdateRVA; char * UpdateOfs = NULL; if (total_code_size) { UpdateOfs = (char *) PEfile.AddSection(UPDT_SEC_NAME, total_code_size, &UpdateRVA, IMAGE_SCN_MEM_EXECUTE | IMAGE_SCN_CNT_CODE); //check if section creation/increase was successful if ((!UpdateOfs) || (!UpdateRVA)) { throw patch_exception("Failed to create '" UPDT_SEC_NAME "' section"); } memset(UpdateOfs, 0, total_code_size); }
  12. If you're using IDE/ATAPI driver, and yes there is 137GB limit. Using IAA or UNIATA should bring you up to 2TB size. for USB, 3rd party driver is needed. Check this out: http://bearwindows.zcm.com.au/winnt4.htm
  13. maybe you just add the driver in incorrect way. for adding network driver, goto Control Panel -> Network -> Interface Card tab -> Add -> Have Disk
  14. As NT4 is not PnP OS, you don't need any chipset driver. for network card, there is limited choices that has NT4 driver.