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  1. Datapol NTFS4DOS...

    or just get it from hiren's but it is illegal and tha long hand of law is watchin...
  2. Ghost 11 Multiboot CD

    make a 2.88 floppy image that holds ghost 11 (about 1.8 mb) and some universal dvd drivers (ex. uide.sys). Insert this image as a boot-loader in a dvd-disk including the * .gho backup too. Modify DOS files to run completely from a ramdrive name it drive W: so as to include more dos applications (... 7tools, pm , fdisk, mbr....). - get a boot floppy with some DOS version (maybe win98 boot floppy or any made from ghost bootwizard) - extract the image from floppy by winimage - change format of the floppy image from 1,44 to 2,88 - insert all stuff (ghost11, ...) in the larger floppy image - put a ramdrive driver and a universal dvd driver in your floppy image and add respective lines to config.sys and autoexec.bat - open ultraiso/magiciso, make a new dvd image, insert the floppy image as bootloader (hidden from windows explorer), add the gho backup and burn it.
  3. Datapol NTFS4DOS...

    i think it doesn't support writing with long file names that makes it almost useless.
  4. boot linux/xp/vista possible?

    yes, I had made a dvd with xpsp2 installation, xplive (made from winbuilder), bartpe, erd, hirens, knoppix5.1, dslinux4, slax5(with full ntfs read/write support), parted magic, o&o blue, symantec security disk (winpe), O&O rescuebox, recovery console of xppro & xphome, @ctive-boot-disk (vistape), and some floppy tools, but i don't know how to deal with vista installation.
  5. Why is my .iso growing when I don't add anything?

    I have mentioned this bug. Each time you run nlite at the same project with drivers loaded in the driver panel, it adds the duplicated drivers one more time, no matter if they already exist. Suppose that there are 100 folders in NLDRV folder with drivers. When you add the same drivers, you won't get any message that the selected drivers already exist, but nlite adds the same drivers creating folders 101 to 201 and increasing the size of the iso. Just deactivate the "drivers" button in the "task selection" panel.
  6. rename vista's "boot" folder

    tnx, I have already renamed knoppix's "boot" folder, but I still need to incorporate more than one vistape systems such as @bootdisk, ghost 12 and more. Digging Vistape seems to be extremely hard. As the time goes, vista will be probed easily such as xp did. I have to wait.
  7. rename vista's "boot" folder

    171 views and no reply!
  8. rename vista's "boot" folder

    50 views and still no reply. Nobody has included vista pe in multiboot project? I am forced to rename knoppix boot folder and left vistape' boot folder untouched.
  9. Windows XP Installer + SLAX Live-CD

    eazyboot. eazy tool for eazy projects. but hard for hard projects
  10. hey, i want to include a vista live pe in my multiboot dvd, in which there are found linux distros. Both vistape and linuxOS have a "boot" folder. So, to avoid a conflict i had to rename vistape "boot" folder to something else ie. "vist". I tried it, and also changed some references in bootloader and in bootmgr,in which i renamed "boot" references to "vist". Unfortunately, I took the error message "could not find bootmgr". what should be changed?

    Hey. this is my first post in the forum. i am not sure if my question is right for this forum but let's try. i want to set my own wallpaper in my project in as a n-lite addon/silent installer (rar self-extracting). I set a custom windows theme in my nlitexp but the given theme does not include/set a wallpaper and as a result i take a desktop with x theme but with no wallpaper. I though to set wallpaper manually, including a bmp file inside a cab (nlite addon) or self-extracting-rar file but i don't know a relative command . i though also to edit the winnt.sif below [shell] , but again i don't know the command. maybe something like could work?I forgot to say that i searched in the forums but i can't make it out.