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  1. Mine is a xp gold (without any sp) with sp2 manually slipstreamed and i don't have these languages in my intl.inf... can anybody else confim that ? thanks Donbi
  2. I've used the intl.inf file of the original xp source with sp2 slipstreamed... Donbi
  3. Hi to all, After further investigation, i've seen that updates the file intl.inf. I don't think that the update pack is bad, this new intl.inf file contains a few new languages and i think Nuhi have to update nlite to take care of this new languages : Assamese Filipino Frisian Inuktitut_Latin Irish Luxembourgish Mapudungun Mohawk Nepali Nepali_Nepal Oriya Pashto Romansh My trick of the first post worked because i replaced the intl.inf by the older (i've forgot to mention it...). It's not a clean solution, but it works... I hope nuhi will read this... Donbi
  4. hi, If you specify in the command line the path of a NOT nlited cd (original XP CD) the rundll32 command line is for repairing an already installed xp... rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection LG_INSTALL_5 128 <NOT Nlited xpcd>\i386\intl.inf To help you to identify missing files in your cd you can do th following : copy sources of a NOT nlited xp cd in a folder ex c:\XPSP2 and put your nlited cd in your drive and run rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection LG_INSTALL_5 128 c:\XPSP2\I386\intl.inf this would help you to identify the missing files... Donbi
  5. hi all, in my test case, i've checked any language in nlite and the support of keyboard layout was broken. So the trick of the 1st post have worked well for me... I will try to test with your settings... cheers, Donbi
  6. hi spiritpyre, Thank you for these greats extensions. I'm using The "Hidden Files Toggle" and "Files Extension Toggle". I would like to know if you could add a registry setting for the key used to refresh because this key is dependant of the user language interface... In french ui, "R&efresh" is "Ac&tualiser" so the key used to refresh after the SHIFT+F10 would be "t" and not "e"... so a registry setting would be great ! thanks donbi
  7. Hi GeorgeR, I think you can try with this command line to install cyrillic language pack : rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection LG_INSTALL_5 128 <Not Nlited xpcd>\i386\intl.inf cheers, Donbi PS : I've tryed with the all the alg0* ,the LANG folder and intl.inf of a not nlited xp cd and this in winnt.sif [RegionalSettings] LanguageGroup=13,17,3,2,5,16,4,12,15,7,8,10,11,9,6,14,1 Language=0000040c and it works... I have all language packs installed...
  8. Yes it works, but i don't know why... (agt0* are ms agent files) I suppose that some of these files are needed to install language pack properly... I've found this trick when i'm trying to fix the missing keyboard layout with this command : rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection LANGUAGE_COLLECTION.BASIC.INSTALL 128 <Not Nlited xpcd>\i386\intl.inf it's very helpfull to reinstall language pack from a NOT nlited cd Donbi
  9. Hi, To fix the keyboard layout missing problem, you just have to include all i386\AGT0*.Dl_ and i386\AGT0*.HL_ to you XPCD and add the corresponding entry in txtsetup.sif in section [sourceDisksFiles] agt0401.dll = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt0401.hlp = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt0404.dll = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt0404.hlp = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt0405.dll = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt0405.hlp = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt0406.dll = 1,,,,,,,24,0,0 agt0406.hlp = 1,,,,,,,21,0,0 agt0407.dll = 1,,,,,,,24,0,0 agt0407.hlp = 1,,,,,,,21,0,0 agt0408.dll = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt0408.hlp = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt0409.dll = 1,,,,,,,24,0,0 agt0409.hlp = 1,,,,,,,21,0,0 agt040b.dll = 1,,,,,,,24,0,0 agt040b.hlp = 1,,,,,,,21,0,0 agt040c.dll = 1,,,,,,,24,0,0 agt040c.hlp = 1,,,,,,,21,0,0 agt040d.dll = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt040d.hlp = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt040e.dll = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt040e.hlp = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt0410.dll = 1,,,,,,,24,0,0 agt0410.hlp = 1,,,,,,,21,0,0 agt0411.dll = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt0411.hlp = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt0412.dll = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt0412.hlp = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt0413.dll = 1,,,,,,,24,0,0 agt0413.hlp = 1,,,,,,,21,0,0 agt0414.dll = 1,,,,,,,24,0,0 agt0414.hlp = 1,,,,,,,21,0,0 agt0415.dll = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt0415.hlp = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt0416.dll = 1,,,,,,,24,0,0 agt0416.hlp = 1,,,,,,,21,0,0 agt0419.dll = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt0419.hlp = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt041d.dll = 1,,,,,,,24,0,0 agt041d.hlp = 1,,,,,,,21,0,0 agt041f.dll = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt041f.hlp = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt0804.dll = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt0804.hlp = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 agt0816.dll = 1,,,,,,,24,0,0 agt0816.hlp = 1,,,,,,,21,0,0 agt0c0a.dll = 1,,,,,,,24,0,0 agt0c0a.hlp = 1,,,,,,,21,0,0 You can add the files that match with your language... or not Hope it's help nuhi or ryan to fix this issue (I'll will do more test tomorrow to check if it's a nlite or ryan pack problem). Donbi
  10. hi, qpshelp correct me if i'm wrong, but when you use GP you can only install MSI packages... it's why you try to repackage it ? Can't you just try to capture diff and repackage into an msi ? cheers, Donbi
  11. for unattended settings, you can also configure any setting in mpc and then check the option in the menu view/options/player "store settings to .ini file" and copy the file (C:\Program Files\Media Player Classic\mplayerc.ini) at install time... donbi
  12. try this one... it's a complete universal shell pack... it doesn't replace dll, just replace ressources... great ! Donbi
  13. FireFox Preloader is not an tweaking application aims to speed html rendering but to load Firefox application faster... overall your link is usefull Donbi
  14. Hi, I've just tested this little app FireFox Preloader and you may want to test it. It has a little footprint (about 3Mo) in memory but firefox loads really faster... The setup is an inno, so i think that this command should work : FirefoxPreloaderSetup.exe /VERYSILENT /SP- Thanks again to rutger10000 for sharing... Donbi