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  1. Thanks everyone. I figured it out.. Both on same server thanks
  2. Ok I have xamp and have httpd.conf open. I see where it has my default directory which looks like DocumentRoot "/xammplite/htdocs" where would I put the virtual Directories. Do I erase what I showed you and setup the Virtual Directory like you guys showed me. Like this ............ <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName DocumentRoot /xammplite/htdocs </VirtualHost> <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName DocumentRoot /xammplite/htdocs/thedugg </VirtualHost>
  3. Where did you get this script. I like to use it for my site plz. Looks great what your doing
  4. Hello everyone. I have a Windows 2003 Server with Apache, PHP, MySQL installed. I also use a free DNS which is . My question is that I run 1 website for my gaming clan website. The problem is that my brother plays another game and is in a clan, but wants his own website. My url is Can I also have on the same server. How would I setup both with different folders with the index pages in them. Edit Update: If I setup 2 DNS in Windows Server 2003 can this work as well