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  1. Hello, I just received a link to this thread from a user. I'm the author of SYSLINUX, and it's always interesting to see how my stuff is being used. There have been a couple of interesting bug/misfeature reports in this thread, in particular the MENU MARGIN/MENU WIDTH issue which could perhaps be handled more cleanly. I'm always interested in feature requests or bug reports, which doesn't mean I will always be able to accept and/or deal with them, but I will consider things and perhaps add them in the future if I feel it is appropriate. The best place to comment is on the SYSLINUX mailing list, syslinux@zytor.com. I do ask that you do not send questions to me personally, since the only way I can moderate my workload is to allow other people on the mailing list a chance to repond; writing on the mailing list also allows questions and answers to go into the archives for other people to use. Thanks, -hpa