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  1. Great Stuff!! I am working on something similar. A couple things I added which might be helpful to some folks. We have about 8 locations and customizing the paths for each of them was a pain. So I called an IPCONFIG > x:\ipconfig.txt in startnet.cmd. I used a read in the txt file to map the drive based on the dns suffix (or you could use ipaddress ranges, etc). That made sure the mapping to Z:\ was consistent. In the fat vs thin image arguement, we chose to go with 2 very, very thin xp images (Apic & Pic) with extensive post image scripting for machine specific customizations (laptop/desktop/workstation, Lenovo/HP, SP/MP, Raid/NonRaid, IDE/Sata, etc). I used the machine type wmi script from the bdd (2.0) to idenify the machine type as a text file. I put a hook on the end of my imagex.bat to call copy.vbs which copies all of the machine specific software and drivers based on x:\machinetype.txt[to the local PC before it reboots and starts sysprep. I have a call in my sysprep that launches the drivers and software installs. We use a modified wizard.hta from December's technet in our WinPE and the net result is a KISS boot disc that is location and machine independent. The tech just clicks a button to image the machine either up, down, or up and down, and walks away until the XP mini-setup. Three screens there and then give it 5-15 mins (desktop vs laptop) and the unit is ready for data migration. We can't use accounts in sysprep (to automate the mini setup) and I don't think our users (read engineers) will be ready for automated data migration any time soon, so that is a far as we can go with automating our process. Hope this helps.