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  1. this is what i personally have done: office 2003 has a tool called Custom Installation Wizard it will automate installing office 2003 then use the runonce in nlite to have office install after first boot. here are some instructions on patching and setting up the office side if the link dies here is the info: 1. Insert the office CD and cancel the auto install wizard 2. Create an Administrative Install a. Create a folder for the Administrative Install b. Start>Run> D:\Setup.exe /a c. When prompted enter the install key d. Browse to where to put the Administrative Install (path from step A) 3. Download the Administrative Patches for your version of Office. Extract the files. Note: to extract the patches and service packs use the context: patch.exe /t:d:\extractpath /c where patch.exe is the name of the update or SP file and d:\extractpath is the location to extract the files to. I find it easier to rename the patches and sp exe files to a shorter name. a. 2003: b. XP: c. 2000: 4. Download any Office Service Packs 5. Install the patches by running MSIEXEC. msiexec /a \\uncpath\OfficeInstall\Office.msi /p \\uncpath\Patches\patch.msp Where Office.msi and patch.msp are the actual file names on your system. 6. Download the Office Resource Kit for your version of Office a. 2003:;displaylang=en b. XP: c. 2000: 7. Install the ORK (Office Resource Kit) 8. Run the Custom Installation Wizard from your programs list. a. Point to your MSI file and answer the questions in the Wizard. Save the file in the same location as your Administrative Install Point. hope this helps Vex
  2. this worked great thanks!! Vex