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  1. Is this a fact the MCE cannot be slipstreamed with xp sp3? I have just attempted to do this and it trashes internet explorer!
  2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is some code from my answer file, I don't know if you are missing some details!? [GuiUnattended] EncryptedAdminPassword="No" AutoLogon="Yes" AdminPassword=* TimeZone=085 OEMSkipRegional=1 OemSkipWelcome=1
  3. I have no idea why it hangs for you, but, did you put an installation number in the slipstream disk and did it install unattended for you? My one will not accept the original number I have used for years!,,
  4. I have just slipstreamed sp3 using the latest nlite program and it will not accept the installation key - this is the same key that works with sp2. I have tried creating the slipstream disk in Vista and XP!,,, Any ideas why? Anyone?