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  1. remove help after lang integration

    okay, thanks i dont need help(anymore:p) i'm perfectly fine on my own
  2. remove help after lang integration

    hey guys, i was wondering, i have integrated a dutch langpack, so now i have have 2: english and dutch. my question now is; can i remove the help component safely? cos it says that its needed for the mui langpacks...
  3. error while rebuilding

    hey all, vlite 1.2 crashes when i try to build the image (ultimate) error while rebuilding image -cannot find the file specified i'ts an already modified vista, with only ultimate left. so, why dows this happen?
  4. RAID?

    hi, I'm dutch, and german is pretty close, so i give it a try at translating does Vlite give problems with RAID only systems? bricked 8 dvd's for this and it still does not give me a good 100 pct vlite i have integrated Raid controllers and such, but vista doesnt load anything. 1: formatting doesnt work 2:after expanding the dvd on the hdd, and after the reboot, i need the restart the installation 3:only boots in safe mode(?) workaround? vlite not yet having raid support? ps: also tried with diffirent mobo, but no luck /end of transl
  5. My observations and current issues with vLite

    I recently bought this game, brothers in arms. I put it in the disk drive and..... nothing happens! now I know it's because I removed game explorer.......... not very handy.
  6. /nothing here, please remove :)

    /nothing here, please remove