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  1. Forum upgrade to v4.2!

    And as Tommy and Jaclaz, and others will agree, this is not xper's fault directly, but rather the good IPB folks, as Jaclaz like to say. Personally, I think they are blooming id*** that don't care a bit about their users, and I don't know why MSFN, WinCert, and others continue to use them. There are other board software options out there. I'm sure xper did not intend this thread to become a bash the IPB folks thread, but I had to rant. Sorry. Cheers and Regards
  2. Our opinions about how MS should be operating are the the ones that MS should have been having all along, so it's easy to see how Jan had gotten confused. LOL Cheers and Regards
  3. It's easy to get the Wayback Machine to save any page from the forum so it won't be lost. But is there any way to get it to make a snapshot of the entire site as it looks today so all the info on the site will be able to be searched and easily accessed? Cheers and Regards
  4. List of Web Browsers Working with XP 2017

    Yes please. It makes sense to merge the two. Cheers and Regards
  5. List of Web Browsers Working with XP 2017

    On the SourceForge page for IceWeasel page mentioned above by Dibya, it says: I haven't tried it, since I don't have an install of XP available, but it looks like it might be worth a shot. Cheers and Regards
  6. Problem is, if I try to download the file I get: "Page cannot be displayed due to robots.txt." I'm probably doing something stupid, but I've tried various browsers, and different dates through the Wayback Machine, and always got the same failure. So, what am I doing wrong? Cheers and Regards
  7. How to easily crash File Explorer (Windows 7+)

    The above action does NOT crash Explorer for my Windows 7 x64, so I cannot replicate this issue. Cheers and Regards
  8. Sure. Hold "Shift" while you hit "Enter" and you won't get the "extra" line. Like this- while if you hit "Enter" on its own you get the "extra" line, like this- I believe the intention is that "Enter" on it's own is for a new paragraph, which usually gets a blank line. Cheers and Regards
  9. Simple XP 32BIT 64Gb RAM (true Pae) Guide

    RyanVM is up for me. Cheers and Regards
  10. I'm neither an admin or mod, but I'm afraid that I can't replicate your problem. My situation is the same as Jumper/NoelC. I can't imagine that it's your MSFN account, and it doesn't appear to be a fault, surprisingly this time, of IPS, so it is most likely some setting or issue on your end. I know that you have said that you have tried both IE and Firefox, but have you also tried any of the various Chrome browsers? How about creating a new user account and trying the different browsers from there? If all of those have the same behavior, then it doesn't seem to be a browser setting, but must be a system setting or issue. The only way to verify that is see if you can log into MSFN using a different computer and see if the behavior is still the same. A few months back I had some very weird behavior that only affected certain versions of certain browsers and only when trying to access very particular pages - the settings pages. I was convinced that it was a browser issue, but it wasn't. The problem only went away by doing an OS reinstall. Then, using the exact same browsers and settings I had no more problems. Sometimes there are just weird problems. Good luck! Cheers and Regards
  11. darker background for selected items

    Hello indeed Kiki! It has been quite awhile, my friend. I hope you are doing well. Cheers and Regards
  12. Well, besides thinking that RT7 is the problem if you did any tweaks or removals with it whatsoever, unless you were absolutely positive that you knew from personal experience exactly what each one did and it has worked successfully for you in the recent past, you could try the following: Download a portable version of yet another browser, maybe either one of the Chrome variants or Pale Moon, or whatever, completely stock with absolutely no extensions installed. Make sure you don't have any other browser open at all and see if you can get to SourceForge using the portable browser. If you can, then the problem is a browser setting or extension. If not, then it has nothing to do with the browser, but instead it's an OS issue. This is assuming that your Win98 machine is on the same home network, which should eliminate a router or external problem. If all systems use the same DNS provider, then it's not that. If you have all extensions disabled in both IE and FF, then it's not those. Do you use the same AV for both OS with the same settings and both updated the same? If so then it's not that. That pretty much narrows it down to a HOST or maybe a service setting? That's what comes to mind to test. If you still have a problem, then I'm probably missing something simple to tell you which someone else will immediately think of. [Or it's something that RT7 did. ] Good Luck! Cheers and Regards
  13. Since you run all these tests in a VM of each OS, I wonder if there would be any differences if the host OS was different. I mean since your tests seem to favor 8.1, with a host of 8.1 running a VM of 8.1, I wonder if the overall results would be the same if the host was 7, or 10? Maybe it would be the most fair if Linux was used as the host? I realize that ideally the host OS shouldn't matter, but this has been nagging at me so I figured I'd throw it out there for consideration. Another option would be if the three OS were separately installed on their own SSD that could be swapped out to run the tests. No method would be absolutely perfect, and I really do appreciate that you are trying to compare apples-to-apples the best you can. I also very much realize that the setups and tests for each system take time that take away from your real work, and I thank you for putting forth the effort and sharing the results. Cheers and Regards