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  1. been trying to get Windows xp Home /Pro/MCE/Tablet all with sp3 into 1 dvd/cd for doing installs. anybody have success with this ? ( stupid question being can anybody help with this? )
  2. has anybody done this with the vista sp1 dvds ? everytime i try it errors out saying file is larger than 4g
  3. any place to download some of the images people have created like multi boot cds etc ? i have made quite a few myself but wanted to see what other have done. no i am not looking for pirated editions of any type of software full legal copies only i would even host them on my webserver if that would be possible
  4. Ok noob moment here and i do have a few questions. I have made quite a few Slimstreamed disc etc etc but here is my questions.... 1 I am wanting to make a slipstreamed Multiboot DVD Xp Pro/Media Center/Home/Tablet in 1 disc.. i know it is possible just need some clear directions.. 2 is there a utility or possibly a set of instructons to make a OEM recovery CD im a OEM builder and have the OEM Preinstallion cd but many things dont make sense on it and was wondering if there is something better Thank you for your time and trouble.