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  1. Awesome. Bit of a feature request (if at all possible): could you add an option to remove hottracking of taskbar buttons? it gets annoying when trying to theme the taskbar buttons.
  2. C:\AeroGlass\debug.log. Machine ID is in there.
  3. I just noticed the Experimental Builds topic was locked... I wonder if BM's getting sick of people hounding him about a new build.
  4. RS1 is still on Fast ring so don't hold your breath. MAYBE when it gets on Slow ring, but again, don't hold your breath.
  5. Try re-toggling autohide.
  6. You may have to restart explorer/log off and log back on to make them show up.
  7. I can fix that too. Search for the extension "Hide Menubars" in Firefox extensions. Show Menubar. It worked for me.
  8. Install the extension Stylish, then create a new style. Paste this in: #main-window[windowtype="navigator:browser"] { background-color: transparent !important; } Bam. Done.
  9. Just use the latest version if you have 8.1.
  10. I've been using http://rammichael.com/getting-brighter-colors-in-windows-10 to set my colours for Win10 and I must say it's great.
  11. The caption buttons are like that by default in Win10.
  12. There's a method that involves replacing the theme server files (themeui, uxinit, uxtheme) with RTM versions and then using UXstyle to use themes.
  13. Just got an eMail that Windowblinds for Win10 is released AND it has taskbar BUTTON skinning. I wonder how they managed to do it...
  14. No layout files? Use the win8rp.png.layout provided with aeroglass, works fine for me.
  15. I found a way to get the title text centered as it was in Win8 just using a .layout file with the default atlas. use this one line in your .layout file: 46;0;3602=2300,23,10,10 and captions will be centered, even when resized, etc. Obviously, this only works with no caption glow bitmap set in-atlas and the AG settings set to default for caption glow.