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  1. I had tried this but it wasnt working. Let me give a try again.
  2. Can any one make me addons for following products. Windows live Messenger 2009 (for XP)
  3. Is it possible to slipstream the visual studio 2008 SP1 into VS2008 setup? EDIT: Mods please move the thread in approciate forum.
  4. I have install WAIK but vlite unable to detect its installation, how to fix it. I a on vista.
  5. Wheres to get the latest pack? since booogy halt the project!
  6. Is there any special for sp3? I have a allready slipstreamed sp2 into my xp sp1 and now I wanto slipstream sp3 in it. Will it work simply ro I have to need some special.
  7. USP-5.1.2195.24-REFRESH.ZIP I downloded it from ryan tracker site.
  8. How do I integrate windows 2000 update pack into 4in1 cd source. is it supported.
  9. thanks the problem was realy same that you have taught.
  10. I pick up windows 2003 sp1 source and integrate sp2 into it. then I pick up above windows 2003 sp2 source and integrate BoooggyWin2k3sp2_WUZero_UpdatePack.7z via hotfix,addon, update pack section but it returned "unsupported file BoooggyWin2k3sp2_WUZero_UpdatePack.7z read help"
  11. Its a bit old but the only one available right?.
  12. thanks and where do i get win2k post sp4 update pack.
  13. is there any winows 2003 post sp2 update pack released?
  14. thanks.
  15. My purpose is make xp fasater, light and run games on it. Should I remain WMI, VBScript, MDAC, XML support or not? if I remove them then can I install and run all games on it?