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  1. I have Windows XP Pro installed on 250 Gig SATA WD HDD with two partitions formatted as NTFS; 30 Gb system disk C: and 220 Gb Data Partition (Disk D:). A week ago I've experienced strange problem with my Data Partition. During boot time there is scheduled CHKDSK on Disk D. Well, if I accept checking, the msg: Inserting an index entry into index $0 of file 25 its been repeating itself over and over again... If I abandon disk checking by bypassing scheduled job, my Disk D: is visible as well as all files on it. The only but very hard problem is that I cannot delete or move any single file stored on D: There I have 1 Gig of free space where I can do with new formed files all what I want (copy, move, delete etc...). New files are not locked or blocked. Does anyone know what this might mean? What I can do to solve my problem?