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  1. anyone at all may i ask? WinXP x64 is really bothering me now
  2. okay, ive gotten my hands on both Vista x64 and Windows x64, and to my suprise, even with Vista, it would not let me do a direct upgrade, which i find very frustrating, and now that has left me in a little predictament as i cannot upgrade directly, why is this may i ask?
  3. well, if i am correct on what u are suggesting, i already plan to install drivers and any apps back onto Windows 7, because even with the upgrade, im pretty sure those apps wont appear anymore? correct me if am wrong.
  4. well from what ive read, i cannot go from XP straight into Windows 7 via upgrade, but a clean install. This is where i came up with Vista being a solution, upgrade from XP to Vista and then from Vista to Windows 7. not to forget to mention, i am running 64bit operating system here, so i cant merely straight take it to just Vista, but Vista x64, then upgrade to a 64bit Windows 7. From wat i am mentioning, am i correct on this situation?
  5. anyone at all may i ask? would i hve to get a 64bit version of Vista, upgrade it to that from WinXP x64 and then do an upgrade to Windows 7 64bit?
  6. woah, just because i dont have Vista doesnt mean i havent tried it or experienced it, for me i found it quite hellish, were one would get unnecessary problems for some of the simplest things which would confuse me on to repair or overcome the situation, but hey maybe im just not as clever as u technical experts u saying Windows 7 will ourperform Vista on both spped and performance itself? in just 1 operating system to install? is there like a selection in the installation for which version to choose from? regarding this, i am wanting to upgrade only from WinXP x64, but apprantly i have to do a cleam install
  7. as i stated before, i never plan to use Vista, the problems people mentioned was probably enough for me not to purchae a copy, however my main reason really for not getting it was because of its power hungry for resources and problems that was mentioned was something i didnt want to take a risk off, like drivers and so on, especially since i am wanting to use a 64bit OS. also i have realised is that Windows 7 is both 32bit and 64bit, am i correct? as i also prementioned, if i had Windows 7 x64, will that potentially solve my problems i am having with WinXP x64, ad yet taking advantage of my hardware so i wont hve to worry about suffering slowdown?
  8. So Windows 7 Ultimate would be the way to go? anyone else to what i have mentioned in my previous post?
  9. ****, then i must take it then that WinXP x64 was a bad decision, i cant even find it stable enough to do simple tasks, as in even those taks will look funny in a way, plus it doesnt help thinking that, for example saving a file would save as if u were to save a file on a stable OS. i will definately not go for Vista, never plan to ever have it as part of my Operating system at home, those who do have it and use it (without choice) i sigh in distress. Windows 7 is something i have ben prasing for a long time, and it seems to be paying off well as many of which are literally using beta and evaluation releases as a full operating system may i ask, does Windows 7 literally eleminate all the problems that Vista had? Also, if i had Windows 7 x64, will that potentially solve my problems i am having with WinXP x64, ad yet taking advantage of my hardware so i wont hve to worry about suffering slowdown?
  10. i still find that very strange, its almost like now i feel wanting to go back to WinXP 32bit, but i cant help the fact i will eventually get better speeds for video stuff on this 64bit OS the problem still plagues me that, even simply opening a video in VirtualDub (dont know if u lot heard of it) simply doesnt look right or doesnt work properly. despite this, may i ask is there any like unofficial updates or patches that could potentially fix the problem i am having at the moment? or to make the 64bit OS stable enough to be satisfied with?
  11. i hve the latest Nvidia driver for my GFX card, and i am running an Asus P5b Deluxe Motherboard and i went to their site and downloaded and installed their latest drivers (even most dated till 2007) and the only one that isnt updated is the BIOS at the moment. the glitching or visual errors i get are somewhat very annoying as well, for example there will be a bit from a webpage that would still appear and plague anopther page or windows, but this could be down to the fact that i am using the Royale theme? i understand your description about Service Pack 3 between the OSs, however wouldnt it make sense if they made a SP3 for XP 32-bit, they should do one for 64-bit? despite they are almost totally different operating systems?
  12. H everyone, it has been a very long time came i came here, and just like to say hope all is wellw ith you lot, but the reason why i am back here is because jsut a few days ago i am now running Windows XP x64 after a fatal crash with my computer, which gave me the chance to try out a 64bit operating system which i would assume would do me miracles on speed and performance. in order to achieve those i would have to update my BIOS which in my case i would have to go through a very long process, by install and buying for a certain hardware (SuperDisk drive). Anyways, after installing the OS and copying all my necessary files from my other hard drive to the new (but somewhat maybe unstable) drive, and even installing all the updates from MS, i have found that still the operating system is very unstable for a strange reason, like something just would take a little longer to open or when flickering through different windows and so on. even with some video applications, parts of thier windows would glitch through another or flicker, i dont know if thats to do with not installing them directly onto the operating system instead of copying from hard drive to hard drive, or just purely because it is the operating system itself. But i reackon this all could be fixed if Microsoft released a SP3 update which fixed alot of things on its 32bit counterpart, does anyone now the reason why they havent done this?? Also, wouldnt anyone also know the reason why my operating system acts like this? i would really appreciate it if anyone here can help me on this. Thanks
  13. yes, the oeprating system to take advantage of dual or multiple core processors. u could probably run a benchmark on Win98, record the results and when one day it recognizes the 2 cores, run the benchmark again on that, and u'll probably see the figures will have doubled. that is something what i am aiming for. i am just abit worried that, IF the operating system doesnt see the extra cores, then the applications that do, wont at all on the OS. is that corect may i ask? and hopefully today, im going to install Win98SE on my new rig and to see how it turns out as well. as i asid, i am willing to go ahead and use my computer as a testing bed for whatever tweaks or adjustments made. we kinda need to spread the word, probably into the Unofficial Service Packs page?
  14. i think htat would make a very good idea for a patch or a work around. brilliant! another hting to think about as well. and i installed Windows XP Pro SP2, and it does recognise dual core, this by telling through the system specs on My Computer, Device Manager and Task Manager. maybe i need to do some updating from the net? either way, what did u think of hte Win98 idea htat i mentioned?
  15. hey, its been awhile i know. and through time to time i have been reading through this as well. i thought i come back here (as i was quite busy) and confidentally say i have my new PC or Rig up and running. i may have mentioned before that i was building my PC up but if anyones interested, here are the spcs: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Asus P5B Deluxe/ WIFI Edition Crucial Ballistix 2GB DDR2-6400 800Mhz RAM Seagate 500GB Hard drive 7600GT Nvidia graphic card 2 x DVD-R/W RAM drives USB 2.0 and installed on it right now is Windows XP SP2, and its a clean install, with only the motherboard drives installed. but for some odd reason, its not exactly what i imagined, as i thought it would have been slightly faster, but i jsut dont see it, and it kinda lets me down. now im just wondering how Windows 98SE will work on it, even though it might not at all recognise the hardware inside it. anyways, readoing through here, it is still possible to make Windows 98 recognise dual core, and that possibly rewriting the kernal might not be necessary, and that 'maybe' use the leaked OS's source codes to help provide the ability of making Win98 recognize multiple cores from the NT Kernal perhaps. and because of that, it can pass through the VMM32 which connects everything from drivers to hardware inorder to make it work. perhaps before that can be done, is to decompile it? soeone correct me on htis. i am not too sure. Volenteers would be great as that i have been asking and as other websites or threads here have been asking, as i have now a fully running PC with hardware not exactly made for Win98 as a testing bed and willing to go through it. look forward to your rpelies again Excellent.