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  1. There is a newer version of System Information Viewer (SIV) just released on January 21, 2017. No installation required ... System Information Viewer (SIV) v5.15 Softpedia Major Geeks ...
  2. Came across this article about Kaspersky System Checker. I had not heard of it and probably have no need of it since I'm using WinXP ... but there is a review here and it may be of interest to someone with a newer OS ... he mentions Windows 10. Kaspersky System Checker – A Short Review The Kaspersky System Checker (KSC) is a free and portable utility. Free and Portable are two of my favorite words, especially when used in the same sentence. I downloaded this little beauty, tried it out, and would like to share my experience with you. Downloading Kaspersky System Checker Admittedly, I had a bit of a problem finding KSC on the Kaspersky Site. It’s probably obvious to anyone else, but it is buried under the link at the top of their Home Page labeled Free Security Tools. Scroll down a bit and you’ll see it prominently displayed. They don’t call me “Lightning” for nothin’. A friend of mine was kind enough to point out one day that they don’t call me “Sunny”, either. When he saw the confused look on my face he told me it meant I wasn’t that bright. I have since forgotten his name. Let’s move on, shall we? Put the KSC launcher in a folder of your choice and run it. When I first ran KSC a window popped up saying there was an update, so I let it update. It didn’t take long and we were off to the races. Note: KSC creates a sub-folder with a little over 70MB of stuff in it. I thought I should let you know beforehand. Running Kaspersky System Checker ... .... there are pictures and more information at the above link. This is the page with the Kaspersky FREE SECURITY TOOLS & APPS ...
  3. JodyT ... thanks for the browser list, I will check each one out ... a few I have heard about but most are new names to me. I really did like QT-Web and used it for a long time but it was never updated anymore. In fact just a few days ago I went to the web site to check on the latest version ... nothing new. I was using QT-Web and K-Meleon as my two main browsers years ago. I never heard of the Arora browser ... I will read up on it for the information. I'm really disappointed with the K-Meleon announcement in Dec, many people were hoping for a newer version for 2017. sdfox7 ... that's very interesting about 'spoofing your browser' ... I do that with the User Agent but was not aware of changing a browser name or version. Have you talked about this already in another area? I will check it out on Google. I went to the web site to check my browser ... which as I write this is an older version of K-Meleon ... it was actually a development of the new K-Meleon browser but I don't think many people probably bothered with it. Anyway, that KM forum member in the last two years left ... deleted his download link and all his postings .... everything and moved on. Someone said he was from Bosnia but he has moved on. I went to that browser test web page ... whatismybrowser and got this information: Whoa! We can't figure out what browser you're using! We're working hard to write detection code for all the different types of web browsers, but it looks like we haven't figured yours out yet. And occasionally, either because of a problem or a changed configuration, sometimes web browsers don't provide the necessary information for us to detect exactly what you're using. Hopefully soon we can detect your web browser, until then; check out your User Agent string: DuckDuckBot/1.0; (+ Hopefully that can give you a hint about what exactly you're using. ------------------- I started using that UA for general browsing in the last month or two ... it seems to work everywhere so far even on banking sites ... I have two other UAs on KM ... FF with XP and FF with W7. I have not changed anything on my Firefox ESR setup ... it still the 'pure' download with two updates since I installed it almost three months ago. ..
  4. OK ...yes I know about that tool and my certificates are up to date from Nov 2016 ... I believe that was the last update I'm aware of. I don't use that tool ... there's a member who supplies a download if you PM him ... I get the updated certs that way. I thought you were talking about some other certificate type of thing. ... had to check my downloads ... 5eraph Roots Certificates (Nov 2016) ... I get the download from 5eraph. ...
  5. duplicate post ... empty
  6. I don't know about that Certificate Update tool ... never heard of it before ... somehow I missed that. Where would it be and you just run it to check or update certificates? Do you run that tool for each browser you use? ...
  7. Dclem ... thanks for confirming your experience with FF ... I just fired it up on Thur to check for an update. There was none and my current version is Firefox ESR v45.6.0 but there were problems with two common big name web sites and I was frustrated and didn't have time to keep trying different web sites or to really figure out what was actually going on. As I said I closed down FF and went back to Pale Moon and my K-Meleon browser. I had not run into this before since I set up FF after Pale Moon announced they were dropping WinXP support. vwestlife ... with the browser list that you provided and if you have some of them installed ... how do they report if you go to this test site ... are there problems ... do they Pass or Fail ??? ...
  8. I thought a 2017 update on browsers that are still working 100% with WinXP might be helpful. Several browsers that probably were OK in 2016 may no longer have that title now. When I say 'working 100%' in 2017 ... maybe 98% or 99% would pass also. Pale Moon with the last version for XP still seems OK in January ... I hope that will continue for another six months or a year. There was hope in December that a new K-Meleon browser version would be released but there was a serious setback ... Dorian posted this Dec 21st ... "Re: K-Meleon 76 RC Posted by: Dorian Date: December 21, 2016 02:17AM Hello there, I'm not completely dead yet, I had another SSD crash and Windows decided to format my backup... I though I had another backup except it was *only* 8 months old. I already didn't like much windows before that but now I wish I could really avoid using it. So, I've gathered what I have to make what could be a RC2. But I'm afraid this could not be complete and could have more problem than the RC. I don't have a changelog except for the code history (with crappy comment sorry) Anyways, I wishes you happy holidays" -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... so it looks like that program may or may not come back for K-Meleon ... it might almost be back to square one. The reason I decided to bring this up ... I have Firefox ESR (up to date) and yesterday I decided to use it for a few minutes and I had trouble with two common websites ... something about certificates not being safe or expired ... never had that happen before and I closed FF down and went back to Pale Moon. No problem with that browser or my older K-Meleon browser. So I'm wondering about SeaMonkey or other browsers that people are still using in 2017 and are ALSO satisfied with that browser's performance? ...
  9. Just a suggestion ... if you have a few free minutes, why not sign up over at the Proxomitron forum and then under the Sidki topic ... maybe bring this subject up or ask a few questions. As I mentioned earlier ... JJoe and ProxRocks are still there and will show up in a 'few minutes' or a 'few days' to reply. It seems to still be the only active part of the forum. The Un-Official Proxomitron Forum Proxomitron Config Sets Sidki ... just to add, I can be of no help here ... what you mentioned earlier is not clear to me or 'just over my head'.
  10. In reference to Proxomitron and the ssleay and libeay23 DLL files. There is a special set of these two DLL files that were modified by Sidki some time back. Having used Proxomitron for over 10 years and when Scott R. Lemmon was still alive. I have been using the Sidki set of filters. In November I tried using the latest set of the new ssleay32 and libeay32 DLL files just to see how they would work ... they didn't. I put the Sidki modified files back into Proxomitron. When members started talking about Proxomitron here ... I searched for the files at the Proxomitron forum and could not find them. I will search again ... Sidki has long left the scene as he announced that he was leaving over five years ago. He did something with those DLLs that will only work in Proxomitron ... his filter set is still the best and JJoe and ProxRocks continue to modify and fix the Sidki last set of filters as problems arise. I found this text from sidki, Oct 1 2006: These DLLs were compiled after modifying some files, making them compatible with 0.9.6 aware programs like Proxomitron. All changed files are included with this distribution. The original changes were done by netlaw in June 2003, bringing back OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms. OpenSSL 0.9.8a brought a major change in the way SSL_METHOD is initialized, apparently breaking backwards compatibility again, see: For this reason the included DLLs stick to 0.9.8, but include two security patches, implemented in the official 0.9.8c revision and above: Patch for RSA Signature Forgery. Patch for Potential SSL 2.0 rollback. In case of future major vulnerabilies, if you found a patch from a trusted source, or even a way to make DLL initialization backwards compatible again, you can reach me at configbugs at gmail dot com. Asking someone with profound C++ knowledge may be the better choice tho. ;-) A general description and installation hints are on my SSL download page: -- sidki, Oct 1 2006 The Sidki files are on this page under Add Ons ... just found them. ...
  11. Thanks again for the information ... I have gotten enough direction now to search around about cipher suites, DHE, ECDHE and other things to read up on. ...
  12. These crazy asteroids seem to be in the news a lot over the last year or two. It went by Monday morning after just being discovered on Saturday ... not enough time to even pack and get out of town to a cave. It went by in the space between the Earth and the Moon ... size of a 10 story building ... all from the article below. What's the point of trying to keep WinXP or any computer up to date ... does it really matter? Sneaky asteroid spotted whizzing between Earth and Moon A space rock large enough to do damage gives us a near miss just two days after being discovered. An asteroid roughly the size of a 10-story building gave Earth a particularly close pass Monday morning. Asteroid 2017 AG13 came within half the distance from Earth to the moon as it buzzed by early Monday morning at 4:47 a.m. PT. The fly-by happened shortly after scientists at the Catalina Sky Survey first discovered the space rock on Saturday. As you can see in the GIF below, the asteroid looks to just barely miss us as it passes. In the cosmic sense, it really was a close shave. In real terms, Earth had well over a 100,000-mile (161,000 kilometer) buffer of distance. 2017 AG13 isn't so big it would have meant an extinction-level event had it been a direct hit. But if a good size chunk of it made it through Earth's upper atmosphere near a populated area, there might have been damage like we saw in 2013 when a bolide collided with the atmosphere over the Russian city Chelyabinsk. In that event, a fireball streaked over the city, releasing 500 kilotons of energy as it ran up against some serious resistance from Earth's atmosphere and exploded, blowing out windows all over town in the process. Earlier close calls 'B2Bomber' asteroid misses Earth; humanity exhales The asteroid is about 36 to 111 feet (11 to 34 meters) across, according to the Slooh Observatory, and moving very fast relative to Earth at 10 miles (16 kilometers) per second. That speed, coupled with 2017 AG13's dim brightness level, made it difficult to spot with telescopes. Various telescopes and sky surveys constantly scan Earth's neighborhood and track nearby asteroids. Most pass by at a distance several times farther away than the moon is to us, so this was a particularly close buzz by a previously unknown object. ...
  13. I actually had one more problem showing up with the K-Meleon browser when going to that test page. I also was getting this warning ... Logjam Vulnerability Your user agent is vulnerable. Upgrade as soon as possible. ... so checking around with Google ... I found this solution for Firefox and applied it to the K-Meleon browser. So now when I go to the test page, I get this: Logjam Vulnerability Your user agent is not vulnerable. This is the information I found to fix it: Nice. But way better: Change all 'security.ssl3' lines to 'false' EXCEPT security.ssl3.ecdhe_ecdsa_aes_128_gcm_sha256 (?) security.ssl3.ecdhe_rsa_aes_128_gcm_sha256 (?) security.ssl3.ecdhe_rsa_aes_256_sha (OK) security.ssl3.ecdhe_rsa_aes_256_sha;true (KM) and security.ssl3.rsa_aes_256_sha (OK) security.ssl3.rsa_aes_256_sha;true (KM) These 4 lines must stay 'true'. Done! Ralf Buxa May 27, 2015 I could not find the first two lines (?) ... only the last two where I have (OK) and below each line is a 'line copy' from K-Meleon ... they match exactly ... but as I said earlier, the first two lines don't appear in my K-Meleon version. So all the ssl3 lines in my K-Melon browser are now FALSE except for those two lines that I did find and and left as 'true'. So my question would be now ... since the browser test page is no longer showing 'any problems' ... would the KM browser be OK for banking and more secure type pages or could there still be some problems not showing with this older browser? I can keep using Pale Moon but I was wondering about K-Meleon also being OK now to use again with these sites? ... just to add about those first two lines that I did not find in the KM 'about:config' ... I did find two lines that were very similar but those two lines did not have 'gcm' in them. Not sure if I should have left those two lines as 'true' but they did not 'exactly' match so I made them 'false'. Any input on this would be helpful. Everything seems to be working so far with the KM browser. monroe
  14. OK ... thanks for that information about 'turning off' those six insecure findings. I did turn them off or set them to False in 'about:config'. I did not know about doing that ... yes, K-Meleon is similar to Firefox in many ways. Just ran that browser test again and nothing is showing as Insecure. monroe
  15. HoppaLong ... why don't you also download the last version of Pale Moon that works with XP. I think it was in November that XP support was dropped. I just checked my PM setup and it works fine with reCAPTCHA. I also have an older version of K-Meleon that works fine also (v1.8.2.4) but I don't think you can find that at the KM forum now ... the KM member that developed this particular version ... deleted ALL his posts and the download link and just left sometime back in 2016 or 2015. There may be someone there with the complete download. However, that version of KM is not possibly safe for banking and such. I just discovered this last month (December) ... I had my worries about it until I ran the browser test but KM is so handy to use in turning things off and on ... I sort of looked the other way until I ran the browser check. So you probably don't want that KM browser version anyway. It's still OK for everyday surfing. The last version of PM (Pale Moon 26.5.0 for Atom/Windows XP) works just fine so far and passes the browser test with flying colors and should be OK for banking and other sites ... hopefully for a long time. Pale Moon 26.5.0 for Atom/Windows XP End of Windows XP support in Pale Moon Browser Test Page: Mathwiz posted this browser test link in another thread ... "You can go to ... ... with any browser to see what security protocols, encryption ciphers, etc. your browser supports." ... just ran the browser test again on my KM version and PM. I do not understand the terms but there are six insecure notifications with KM and none with PM v26.5.0. I now use PM for more security at certain sites. I don't know how insecure KM is but the PM results look better to me. My KM results from the test ... everything else seemed to be OK except for these six mentions. Protocols TLS 1.2 Yes TLS 1.1 Yes TLS 1.0 Yes SSL 3 No SSL 2 No Cipher Suites (in order of preference) TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA (0xc007) INSECURE 128 TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA (0xc011) INSECURE 128 TLS_ECDH_ECDSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA (0xc002) INSECURE 128 TLS_ECDH_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA (0xc00c) INSECURE 128 TLS_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA (0x5) INSECURE 128 TLS_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_MD5 (0x4) INSECURE 128 ...