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  1. uvman, I've been having the same problem as yours. The nvmcp wash BSODing randomly with err'tee'hmm... drivers. I spent hours in finding where to locate the problem. I finally found a q&d fix by installing RC1 beta drivers. The perfs are not that much great but the driver just works. Since I reverted to this version, I only got 1 BSOD by stressing much vista. I guess you'd like to try this: hope your bsod's won't last cheers
  2. Hi Here's simple background update, based on the XP royale (2005) theme. For those who don't want a ultra-soopa-doopa-butcha facial lifting of their billboards Download here cheers PeeWeeK
  3. Hello, I ve been thinking about thickening a bit more my current Bart PE disk and after searching some plugins I discovered the way to restore the windows taskbar using XPPE Method by Svenska's... ....But the site ( is down and has been down for a few weeks . Is there a mirror of this site or even of the plugin package? Thanks PeeWeeK