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  1. Hi Guys, Do you know, how it's possible to desactivate the "pop-up" when you open Office 2007 for the first time ? I have modified some parameters in my MSP file. But no effect. FYI, I use Office 2007 Enterprise SP2 MUI, with MSP file and XML configuration... Thanks Greg Here is the screenshot
  2. Hello! I know that the post is old, but… I need your help ! I would wish uninstall on my workstations (1000 laptops -using LANDesk) INTEL Proset BUT by keeping the drivers. For juste use Wireless by Windows XP... If I uninstall with the switch /qX, the driver one also uninstall, and my wifi card does not appear Does somebody know a manipulation for just uninstall the Proset tool ? Thanks a lot !!! NB : Afflicted for my English child ! DraGula