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  1. Hello anyone! Is it possible to "update" Windows Server NT4 to get the windows updates automatically as in Windows 2003/XP where you get the Automatic updates tab on properties for My computer. Even better would be a solution where I redirects this to my WSUS-server where I have downloaded the patches. Cheers from "I have no time to search it"
  2. Hi GM and you others! I have used XPCREATE (27-APR-2004) and then putting it on a RIS-server, working OK. However I have one question: I want to install WinXP including all patches, both those "streamlined" and those described in RUNONCEEX.CMD which can not be streamlined, and Norton Antivirus Client (which I also put in RUNONCEEX.CMD). Beside this I want to install "std software" like Acrobat Reader based on Machine Group Policy in Active Directory. My Problem is that the order these are installed in are: WinXP-slipstream - "std software" - RUNONCEEX.CMD. Is there a way to defer the AD-apps being installed AFTER RUNONCEEX.CMD?? OR, do I have to "skip the Machine GPO" (which I prefer not to do), and put the apps in RUNONCEEX.CMD? Be COOL, it's summertime BlueLANe
  3. What about the "new"? switches, like /quiet /norestart??? Will they be OK in SVCPACK.INF??? Please post also that file as an example like you did with the directories. Nice and quick work!!!
  4. Hi GM! Another question: What is the difference between WindowsServer2003-KB832894-x86-ENU.EXE in SVC-HF1 and Q832894.EXE in SVC-PRE? Sorry for being lazy and not start a new thread. Ciao e carpe diem
  5. Hi! I'm wondering why ENU_Q832483_MDAC_x86.EXE (MDAC Update) is in directory SVC-MDC for Windows XP and in directory SVC-DAH for Windows 2000/2003 Server. Perhaps the "final result" is the same but anyhow..??? Is it possible to "drop leading characters" like WindowsServer2003 in directory SVC-HF2 to make the "final name" easier to connect with the Hotfix-number. Ciao e carpe diem