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  1. Thanks guys, loving the easy to use tools. Small question though... I know vLite does not install driver properly, which may lead to it saying they are not digitally signed, but what I want to know is if there integrated using Vista-Tools do they stay digitally signed? (if they are already that is) Thanks in advance Lixx
  2. Brilliant guys thanks for all the hard work. I used and tested last night / today and all works fine on my Vista Ultimate 32 Bit unattended install. It did take a little longer than usuall to install but not much, less time than I expected really. Tried it three times and worked fine every time.
  3. OK guys a little off topic but is there a way to run a command prompt with elevated privlages automatically? Back on topic the kit is illegal but only if you are using the OEM certificates with an emulated BIOS I think. Using it on proper SLIC 2.0 BIOS' e.g. DELL's then it would not be illegal for say a large company to do so. However I'm not too sure, that is what I read somewere else.
  4. Would this get rid of the UAC popup? Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks for the guide. I'm new here and this was exactly what I was looking for.