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  1. @boooggy thank you for the explanation... and more thanks to your slipstreamer, great software!!!
  2. in the past, windowsmedia11-kb941282-x86-intl.exe is included in the wmp11 hotfix list, why is it not there now???
  3. thanks nuhi
  4. that would undo my <Program Files> path setting
  5. i dont have winnt.sif in my nlited folder...
  6. hello there, my first post... need help... how do i create an an unattended setup with prompt repair... not really fully unattended, i guess.... i use prompt repair to partition my hard disk before installing xp i usually partition my drive into two.... drive c: and drive d: the reason for this is because i have set c:\Program Files to d:\pgm and c:\Documents and Settings to d:\Users using nLite.... any help would be much appreciated... tnx...