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  1. I have a small sugestion. im integrating ALL hotfixes right now and it takes hours (currently 4 hours at least). Can you make an option that the pc shuts down itself when its ready with slipstreaming.
  2. Keep up the good work please. Realy nice.
  3. I tryed that multiple times with rebooting and stuff but i didnt work. now i have it fixed . Reinstalling windows. i did very strange things. but now with a "fresh" install everything works fine again. anyways, thanks for some help
  4. Hello, i cant run nlite anymore (on a clean windows xp installation) it gives me this error: Kan de toepassing niet juist initialiseren (0xc000007b). Klik op OK om de toepassing te beeindigen. Well i guess most of you cant read that but it is dutch for: Can't initialize the application (0xc000007b). Click on OK to close the application. or something similar. Does somebody have a solution? P.s i have .net framework 2.0 installed
  5. Thanks i think i can do it with that
  6. I want a windows xp dvd with wpi but i have so much software that must be installed that it wont fit onto a normal dvd. and i dont want to use a blueray dvd yet. is it possible to spread it around 2 or more dvd's? if so how? Thanks in advance, Teqskater
  7. How do you make a folder on the users desktop with wpi? and how do you let wpi copy a file from the disk to that created folder?