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  1. I use have been using Ghost 2002 and Ghost 2003 and PQ Drive image 5 since XP arrived. Sometimes with a corrupted drive I will not be able to clone or image a drive but usually one or the other will work. I have never had a problem with Windows rejecting the new drive. In fact, often I will set up a new installation of XP on one of my drives to be sure that the computer is going to be happy with it before I clone it to the machine that I am working on.
  2. I like XP but I have a box that runs 98se to support a very good photo printer and a laser that just wont run on anything later. I consider it the most reliable of the 9x OSs. It has less problem IMHO than Win Me. Can anyone tell me if and why XP Pro is any better than XP Home for a single user or a peer to peer network. I just don't see any advantage to giveing MS an extra $50 .? Am I overlooking something there. AJ