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  1. If you don't need any nForce IDE (S-ATA/Raid) drivers, you can integrate the nForce Ethernet and Audio drivers as PnP drivers.This thread was started to help users with an nForce SataRaid system. That is the reason why you didn¨t find the requested informations. That's my exact question! Do I need any nForce SATA/RAID drivers if I have such controllers in the motherboard, but am only using the IDE controllers? I would have thought this was the ideal thread for a question like that? I already know about the ethernet and audio integration, but I'm trying get the basics working before I touch even more drivers. Thanks for your time.
  2. Just a quick question: I couldn't see the info for my particular setup. I just have a single ATA133 200 GB drive. I have an nforce4 ultra chipset. Do I need to carry out the special intergration process for the nvidia drivers, and which ones do I use if I dont want SATA or RAID? I have disabled RAID and SATA in the bios. Separately, I intergrated SP2 with a release version of an OEM CD. But XP setup doesn't recognise the 200 GB (It still quotes a 131072 MB size). I can't find a way to make it recognise it. I'd prefer to use a single partition if possible. Though that should be in a different thread. Will post it later. Thanks in advance!