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  1. Thanks a lot. I think this is also a resolution problem sine the button are very big. What do you think ? any option to change, I don't understand why the button are bigger then the print screen in this post
  2. Hi, I saw in the topic about enable running file manager (explorer) in Windows PE but I didn't succeed. Any easy way to do that ?
  3. Hi, Is there any option in windows pe to get the drive letter of the CD-ROM ? I would like to create batch file that need access to the CD-ROM but I don't know what is the CD-ROM drive letter (it's not the X since I not place in the mount folder)
  4. Thanks for your sharing. I have one Q about this. While I preper the HTA it's look good on my computer but when it run on the Windows PE, it's not open in full screen of the win PE and I'm getting line breaking. Any idea why ?