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  1. The same happens to me when i tried to copy some quick launch shortcuts. i burned dozens cds and can't figure it out how to resolve this problem. I'm trying to make a windows 2000 unattend cd and just need to copy a windows explorer shortcut to quick launch.
  2. How can i add my serial mumber to yours everest 4.0 addon. I' m getting mad cause i can't do it.
  3. i know now what happened. i installed on a computer whith 32 MB video card and the games complained about this. Later, on a PC with 128 MB video card, the games run ok. Anyway it' weird, because when i use a plain dvd from Vista on the first computer (32 mb of video) the games run, slowly, but deed.
  4. PS. This problem did not hapen on earlier versions of vlite. It starts on vlite 1.0 rc1
  5. I mean all classic games from windows vista: freecell, mines, sol, etc. After installation they just don't open. I have tried 7 times. If you could tell me what to do to solve this, i thank you.
  6. The games on vlite 1.0 rc1 don' t work. I tried to install all games and game explorer and nothing. I've tried again without game explorer and no sucess. I did a lot of combinations and did not suceed.