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  1. Hi, 1st of all thank you fo this wonderful program. ive been using it since earlier stages and i miss 1 feature and i think i already read some1 asking it here on previous pages. Could you please imp Save/Load sessions? I own an 80gb ssd and it`s hard to get space to test on VM, so I use 2 USB (1 with full win7 and other with lited win7) in case my rtlited win7 usb goes wrong and dont boot. an ability to save sessions would help me/us alot! For now it`s the only feature i think it`s missing. Your app is GREAT~!
  2. MSN "Show Playing Music" Feature

    Hi, I am kinda new posting here so i apologise if i do something wrong. Ive vlited my vista ultimate and removed a lot of stuff including Windows Media Player (kept the Codecs tho). Ive noticed the message on the image following when i try to activate "Show what I`m listening to" on msn. I know its not important many others stuff to do but is it possible to have this feature when WMP is removed? Tks in advance for reading this. Gustavo.
  3. Vista License

    Hello folks, I know that what i am going to ask might be already disscussed here in the forums but right now i can't read the entire forum. I'll do it certainly later. But my question is the following: What kind of license of Vista do we get when we purchase a notebook that comes with vista already installed? I know its a legit cdkey/license because asus or toshiba would not install pirate copy of windows. Thanks for now folks, Best regards, gustavo.
  4. Vista Liscenses and other stuff

    That was my point. My cdkey limitates the install to Home Premium already. As long as i am using this key, i won't be doing anything wrong. Thank you for your replies! Thank you very much!
  5. Vista Liscenses and other stuff

    Hello friends, I try to make this the most comprehensive i can. I don't know if this is the best place to ask about this 1st thing i came up with, but here it goes: My friend just got a Toshiba notebook today and it comes with Vista installed along with ALOT of trash stuff. He wanted me to get rid of it all and change the language to portuguese (it was bought in US while he was on a trip there). So i downloaded the VistaKeythingie proggie to get his CDKey (he threw the manual/cds away). Once I had his original CDKey i downloaded the Home premium portuguese version and installed just like he wanted. Is there any problems with legal stuff and using windows updates? Now the 2nd question: I am planning get a new notebook just like my friend did and i noticed that Asus doesnt give you a original Vista dvd but a "Master DVD" with vista and alot of crapload. I dont need and hate these issues. Is it possible to do a fresh install of vista using my original cdkey that comes with the notebook? It'll be legally ok? And now the most important: Is it possible to use a vLited version of that OS using my future cdkey? I am asking this all because I noticed one stuff: When I installed the portuguese vista on my friends' notebook i couldn't chose to format the HD option, only 'overwrite' the current install, altough I could fully remove the old content. Seeing it this way I could use vLite to make a new isntall and just delete the old full-of-crap content. I apologise if this metter was already discussed in the forum. Long time I dont follow the posts and I'm really out of time for searching the whole forum. I also apologise my english. Thank you very much in advance all of you. Thank you Nuhi for this great software. I've been playing of making images since earlier versions. Gustavo.