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  1. download SPDT v1.58 (x86/x64-bits)
  2. the source is sp3 but integrate with nlite 1.46 working
  3. I just try nlite 1.47 and error integrate KB95336 but with nlite 1.46 working
  4. try use autopacher apdater http://www.autopatcher.com/downloads/
  5. PerfectDisk 2008 Professional Delivering a unique set of easy-to-use features and benefits not found in any other solution, PerfectDisk® 2008 will make your computer run like new. Work and play faster - and smarter. PerfectDisk makes everything you do on your computer faster - so you can be more efficient at your work or play. PerfectDisk 2008’s patented SMARTPlacement™ optimization is paired with its exclusive single-pass defragmentation and Space Restoration Technology™ to maximize PC and laptop performance. All controlled and automated according to your unique requirements through AutoPilot Scheduling™ or StealthPatrol™ unattended background processing Download PerfectDisk 2008 Professional x86 Trial MD5 3750BF558CF4CE30DFADE76ACCF78EEC PerfectDisk 2008 Professional x64 Trial MD5 FCFD551084EFD2BDDACC6FAB368F3BB9
  6. I just found Windows live photo Gallery and i create addon for nlite for work you must intergrate windows Image component hotfix and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition WLPGALLERY_V12.0.1308.1023_ADDON.CAB download sory for bad english
  7. hello every all I'm just Question How to costum startup screen ? like VTP8.1 and vistamizer2.1 thx for reply
  8. wrong pos move to treads addon for wmp and not freeware :sneaky:
  9. Vista Transformation Pack 8 released
  10. thanks, but how to remove total video player?
  11. Hello I am searching for the switches to make silent install of Total video Converter 3.11, if you can help me ?
  12. Aurora background 1024x 768 download
  13. try this rebuild icon