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  1. I got two computers running, one with Vista and one with 2K. I'd like to create a folder that I can share and access between the two computers, so I don't have to waste cd's by burning, or use my memory sticks constantly to transfer something from one computer to the other. Now, I do find my own computer in 2K, under network places. In Vista, the same. But, how can I locate Vista in 2K and the other way 'round. I guess this should be easy in Windows, but I am fairly new to the OS when it comes to these kind of operations. Not used to use tools like this in this OS, only Unix-like OS'. Thanks for any help!
  2. I bought this game, in Italian, in Italy, don't ask why.. It just happened due to my eager to play this game. Now, I am not that good in Italian, and I'd like to convert the language over to English, if possible? Thanks, Mark