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  1. Hello, You guys have a great thread here for these registry hacks. I am trying to find the one for "Remove on Reboot". Any help or a link to a current downlaod page would be appreciated. Thank you, Sasha
  2. Hello: Computers are a very big hobby of mine. I am into building systems but not very good with msdos commands. I saw your thread or post via Google about reschange.exe. I am trying to use it to see if I can run a screensaver that I have had for many years. It only runs at 768x1024 resolution. I would like it to run at 800x600. I have tried to use this reschange.exe program in dos and edit the autoexec.bat file. I am not doing it correctly. Could someone please tell me or give me some insight into what the command should look like. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks, Peter