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  1. Here's a driver that's not compressing properly. It doesn't find most of the files. It appears to be something related to the quotes, and maybe something else. I edited the quotes out and got rid of some of the errors, but there's still others. It's a windows system driver (not their custom drivers) for Lexmark Z600 series. http://www.sendspace.com/file/b089t0 have a crack at em...
  2. re: NVLiTE... v2.119 (the latest when i'm writing this) has an issue with any driver versions 1xx.xx and above. It misreads them. Instead, I recommend using this batch file: rem Version 1.0 rem General Section attrib -r -h -a -s *.* expand -r *.* *.* ren *.cf *.cfg ren *.cp *.cpl ren *.dl *.dll ren *.ex *.exe ren *.hl *.hlp ren *.sy *.sys ren *.tv *.tvp del *.??_ del *.cab del *.bin del *.hdr rem Various Manufacturers & Websites Section del *.cva del pme*.* del get*.* del *.tag del *.lnk del *.htm in your working directory for your nVidia driver's, which will allow it to work fine with DrvComp, from what I've seen so far. [edit] I just noticed you're using unpacked driver already, please excuse my post if you're already using this exact batch file. [/edit]