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  1. A great idea for Windows 7 would be to use Virtualization technology to make every windows program since 3.1 and os2 run on it without MS selling the older OS'S. I dont have a computer science degree,but what they could do is have 2 backgound OS's run. In one backround OS you could have every windows based 95 98 and 2k programs run. The second one you could have every dos based program run. Both os's can run in the background not Simultaneously without a GUI. You can still be able to see the windows 7 gui but not the background os. Then you could have those older programs installed to a hidden folder on the drive. After that a person could bring up the Virtualization client and choose which program to run. Can this idea become a reality?
  2. Is there any way I can contact Microsoft about requesting ideas on new ultimate extras, If all they are gonna come out with is more language packs and an extra dream scene content pack, I will be mad! I have great ideas on new extras.I have already tried to contact the extras team from the website But I have not gotten a response. Can somebody please help me out.