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  1. No?
  2. Has XP drivers?
  3. I can't find bios "mod" for support Wolfdale cpu on 775i65g rev 2.0! Do you know if 3.0 version of motherboard supports natively?
  4. No amateur drivers?
  5. I have XP Pro and I used this guide: http://www.prime-expert.com/articles/a04/speeding-up-ssd-based-netbooks-and-adding-filesystem-integrity-with-ewftool.php
  6. I can not remove it! Every time I reboot XP returns to its source, as if replace the changes with a backup copy! Help!
  7. Any new motherboards works on WinXP?
  8. I must record a game with Win9x... what program can I use (free or not) ?
  9. Do you know if there is a way to prevent the creation of new folders?
  10. Where can I download new atmfd.dll for WinXP?
  11. Do you know if there is a Win7 driver for the scanner Boeder Smartscan slim?
  12. Unfortunately it is not true. It 's true with Bleem! 1.5, but 1.6b version in some ways it is better than many existing emulators. I use it again on Win9x, if you want I can make a video to show that video quality it has.
  13. Do you think can we run Bleem! on Win7?