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  1. I use Palemoon web browser and I can't post message with native user agent. Not being able to do something?
  2. Thanks!! Now I try.
  3. I downloaded this: asmedia_asm106x_3.2.1.0(www.station-drivers.com)
  4. https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B00YEML6UI I downloaded updated drivers, but came a bsod due to an incorrect driver (asstahci64.sys?). I do not know why. I plug in a hd-storage. What driver can I use?
  5. Nope. I only need a low-profile video card.
  6. So you recommend me a Geforce 6200 128-bit with 256mb ram?
  7. The best possible?
  8. I need video card agp 8x for compact pc (8 cm height) compatible with Win98... Anyone can help me?
  9. There is no way to prevent, when opening IE10, it opens a tab that suggests to upgrade to IE11?
  10. Where can I find 775i65g rev 2.0 bios compatibility for dual core E7600 ?
  11. Can I install Windows 7? P.S. Can I change HD?
  12. No?
  13. Has XP drivers?
  14. I can't find bios "mod" for support Wolfdale cpu on 775i65g rev 2.0! Do you know if 3.0 version of motherboard supports natively?
  15. No amateur drivers?