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  1. yeah, I know about it, nlite does it....but I need to disable it
  2. Hello, I want to disable creating these folder in Documents.../username/my documents ..... I read when I navigate to win media player and change something its solved....but I removed WMP with nlite.....so is there any other way ? Maybe it should be useful to integrate that tweak to nlite.
  3. Hello, i removed almost everything with nlite from XP pro, and everything what I need works, but i have some problem with icq 6 - first there was some error failed to init object....solved thanks to this : http://boards.icq.com/forums/index.php?act=view_topic&group_id=528&topic_id=147412&forum_page=3 post from anonymous..... But now when I tried to change my icq devil, first time it asked me something about running scripts ( something with I Explorer ) and when I choose yes, its iniatializing and nothing happen then..... What should I do..... (I dont remove IE core )
  4. Hello - I used nlite on XP Pro SP2 and I removed Internet Explorer core, but Photoshop installation needs it.... Is there any way how to install photoshop cs3 without that core ? Thanks...
  5. Hello, is there any way I can disable creating folders Favorites, NetHood, Recent also start menu...and btw is there any way to have all registry files ntuser etc somewhere hiden in system 32 ? And one more question - can I somehow modify win to have only one directory Administrator ( I mean get rid of All user, Default user etc ) and have all needed things like Dektop and application data in there....and make little organization in Windows lol ( thats impossible I know... )
  6. Hi, a have nlited XP....and a want to know is there any way to disable creating documents and setting and that files ( ntuser.dat and so on ) move to some folde in system32 for exaple ....a dont use start menu so often....so that can be disabled too...
  7. thanks i ll try it, looks good
  8. I use Nlite and now i have 100Mb big instalation cd of win xp...when i install it with some applications it have about 1GB so i decided i would be fun to boot it from USB flash disk, but how can i do it ? Is it possible ? thanks