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  1. I think everyone can understand your situation and you've explained it in the most honest way possible. Releasing the source is cool, hopefully (im not a dev) someone picks it up and one day you can enjoy new versions. Thanks for the time you've spent on the project in the past! -- DaPozt
  2. First of all, my compliments for this great 'theme' zedox! It's way better than the original or blue xpize! I read somewhere that it's necessary to install xpize before installing the Dark version. Although i doubted that, thats what i did and after every reboot i got a open windows explorer which pointed to "C:\Windows\XPize". Using autoruns i could see that the only familiar thing listed was the Xpize Darkside reloader. After opening regedit i found the mistake, the startup entry was listed as follows: While it should be: Don't know if it's a mistake in Darkside or elsewhere but i just thought i should let you know so you can fix it in a next release. Keep up the good work! My bootscreen is still the windows default although i thought i selected the option during Darkside installation but im not sure anymore (ill check ) I just found out how to read the rest of this post (why are there no post navigation buttons on the bottem of this site) and to answer your question: it didn't work for me Thanks again for the hard work!